Tourism Opportunities Essay

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Tourism Opportunities: Strategic Directions for Bilby

As a historic mining community with a wealth of natural beauty, Bilby can readily become the region's premiere Tourism destination. The Bendalong Regional Tourism Authority (BRTA) should improve its marketing campaign, stimulate investment in adventure tourism facilities, and ensure the protection of the region's precious wetlands.

Bilby's history is one of the core tourism draws, allowing domestic and foreign visitors to catch a glimpse of the nation's rich mining and prospecting past. Moreover, Bilby's geographic setting enables the town to become a destination adventure, leisure, and ecotourism destination. Special emphases can be placed on farming tourism, which attracts families and also encourages investment. Tourism opportunities abound year-round, with plenty of activities for people with multiple interests including nightlife and shopping. With key marketing and investment strategies, Bilby will enjoy years of sustainable growth without sacrificing any of its charm or character.

1.0 Bilby's History

1.1 Improvements to the Town Museum

Extending town museum remains one of the most important means to stimulate investment in Bilby while expanding its tourism infrastructure. The BRTA is advised to hire a team of qualified curators who can offer the public a first-rate museum experience.

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Essay on Tourism Opportunities Assignment

The extension of the museum should be combined with improving access to all of Bilby's historic sites including the mines. Ideally, tourists can enjoy an optional pass that allows entry into all of Bilby's historical sites. The pass, entitled the Bilby History Pass, will allow entry into multiple sites over the period of several days. This will… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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