Toy Industry in Hong Kong Essay

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Among other future plans, Silverlit plans to continue its manufacturing operations in Dongguan since there are sophisticated products to be produced. This will be dependent of the other upstream manufactures in the country and therefore contributing to the overall uplift and dominance in the industry. Also, the Silverlit strategizes to invest in the production of toys for other targeted customers; the children with an age range of 10 years or more. This will generally improve other sectors of the Chinese economy, and eventually uplifting the level of toy industry to other levels.


The prevalence of the toy industry as depicted by the Silverlit Company has shown its importance not only to the Chinese economy but also to the larger global market. It has been assessed that Hong Kong depicts an essential responsibility in the toy manufacturing industry. The overall performance of the industry has improved other sectors by providing employment opportunities, reasonable wages, and sustainable growth. It is, therefore, highly recommended that the industry be supported by all workforces from staff, parastatals and the consumers of the products.

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TOPIC: Essay on Toy Industry in Hong Kong Assignment

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