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[. . .] Thus the value process chain analysis for a fast food chain would emphasize pedestrian traffic, for a retail chain, the amount of time spent looking at goods, and for a bank, the amount of time each teller spent with a customer, and the speed in which the teller redirected the consumer to the necessary channels. (Control Charts, 2004)

Question 3: TQM

It has been said "strategic planning is necessary because the environment that organizations operate in is constantly changing. There are many forces operating on the organization and most of them are outside of the organization's control." Thus, to remain viable in the future, an organization must anticipate the force changes and act to position itself for success. Total Quality Management provides such a solution. By analyzing customer needs, such as why they purvey a particular fast food establishment, the organization is better apt to design innovative projects from the future, from health foods to child-centric products. "TQM organizations have processes that continuously collect, analyze, and act on customer information," so that customer needs can be collected as data and analyzed for use in future-directed strategic planning. Also "activities are often extended to understanding competitor's customers," so one can understand the different aspects of one's enterprise that one can provide one's customers to stand out from the competition. Also "developing an intimate understanding of customer needs allows TQM organizations to predict future customer behavior," as consumer needs are ever shifting and ever changing in a dynamic marketplace. Customer satisfaction must be the goal of every strategic planning decision, and processes must be tightened and improve to maximize efficiency and quality.

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