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[. . .] " (APQC Website, 2004)

In other words, because of the low labor costs, high labor skills, and ability of the company to save money in such an arena, IT companies are setting the benchmark overall for American corporate strategy regarding the outsourcing of jobs abroad. The use of this methodology is particularly important in the IT sector, but through looking at industry not in terms of American jobs lost, as a politician might, and seeing potential attempts to cut costs without sacrificing employee knowledge, benchmarking makes sense.

Question 5 JIT

The paperless strategy of JIT has proved extraordinarily beneficial for inventory control and cash management, but has also proved extremely difficult to implement. One of the most difficult aspects of JIT is eliminating all paper from the manufacturing process which translates into "no more work orders." According to the "The Self-Directed WorkForce" (June 1, 2001), the difficulty of JIT lies in the fact that it "means setting up cellular manufacturing, which is not the traditional way of manufacturing. It means massive cross training of your people. It means setting up physical triggers to tell the various work cells what parts are needed and when. It means totally rethinking your production-control disciplines. And it means developing strong, professional and ethical partnerships with your vendors." In short, there is an absence of traditional modes and modalities of quality control and recording the history of production to refer to the past with an eye on the future. However, with an effective data base and information recovery system, and proper retraining and reorienting of employees -- perhaps, depending on the age of the employees and comfort with technology, the most difficult human element of all -- this can be achieved.


Article Summary

Guttman, Howard. (June 2004) "Effective White Collar Teams: The New Quality Management." Quality Progress. http://www.asq.org/pub/qualityprogress/past/0604/qp0604guttman.pdf

This article by Howard Guttman stresses how quality must be viewed by leaders as an in and out process -- only by putting quality employees and company products into 'team's -- the new buzzword of the millennium, will the desired results or products be achieved. The article thus employs a quality-control strategy towards human relationships and achievements, much along the lines of GE's Six Sigma strategy of making use of human elements or qualitative or subjective controls and putting them through the rigors of statistically styled analysis.

In manufacturing environments TMQ is easy to manage, suggests Guttman. (2) But in non-manufacturing industries, TMQ can be much more difficult to deploy, particularly when composed of a variety of elements or individuals. Key to successful implementation, suggests the author, is a key organizational goal that all of the individuals in a team can focus on, with sharply delineated protocols, roles, and responsibilities for all team members. (3) Guttman ends his articles directed, however, not to managers whom are overseeing teams, but to members of work-based teams themselves, stressing that rather than forming alliances against one another and approaching problems in a confrontational fashion, problems must be apprehended in a step-by-step, data-based fashion that keeps personal conflicts to a minimum and diffuses any tendencies towards 'triangulation' or the creation of polarization within a team or organizational framework. With a clear objective in mind, however, personal conflicts, the author suggests, tend to be diffused, although this can never be fully accomplished with the same sort of efficiency and ease that ineffective technology methodologies can be similarly kept at a minimum.

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