Trade Unions Labor Essay

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This in real sense means that teachers cannot stay to help their students who need extra help unless the district finds the money to pay for extra help. Work-based hours hurts companies.

Labor unions are an embodiment of bureaucracy. In fact, they should not be there in the modern day world. They take monies from their member's pay, collect large paychecks and in my opinion do little in return for their members. They are more of political bodies which make unrealistic demands and make it impossible for businesses to be adaptable to the fast changing economy. Because of changes in ways business are run it is imperative for businesses to make big decisions to quickly protect the solvency of organizations ant its workforce (, 2013). Unions work against hardworking individuals of the 21st century only to save a few despite the non-union competent and result driven employees who get the undeserving pink slip.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Trade Unions Labor Unions Have Assignment

Labor unions should not be totally disbanded as there are some critical roles they play in labor relations. Labor unions guarantee workers their rights. Individual workers have little powers alone and lead busy lives (, 2013). Workers are in a position of dependency and are weaker compared to employers whether they are public or private. Most of them can be replaced by their employers as they wish. They are therefore a variable input in economics. Structure of work makes workers more dependent in the sense that they are most of the time required to work under a supervisor at a location and time determined by the employer. Employers have entire departments that comprise lawyers, human resources, and outside consultants that support them in bargaining with expertise and rules enforcement (Stiglitz, 2002). Workers on the other hand have very limited time to research their interests and gain the experience and knowledge to represent themselves because most of their time is spent at work (, 2013). Meanwhile, employers have staff that work from 9am to 5pm on employee issues. Individual employees have limited power, time, and resources against all of these (, 2013). With the human resource at standby and the prevailing economic conditions there are nearly 8 billion replacement workers on the planet who will step into position left vacant by an employee who has been fired by an employer. Workers have children and families they take care of. It is only efficient, logical, and wise for such a worker to turn to worker's human resource departments (unions) for resources, expertise, and protection (, 2013). Some employees work in deplorable working conditions that critically impact their productivity, safety, and general well being. Labor unions are therefore necessary to guarantee worker safety. Unions are also there to protect employees against unfair wages and other unreasonable conditions (, 2013). Without them, employers will not listen to the demands of a worker. Group of workers are a necessary tool to effecting necessary changes. Labor unions enable employees to bargain with their employers. Changes have to be effected with regard to wages and safety to enhance workers' productivity. Without Labor unions, workers' predicaments are likely to stay with us longer.

Labor unions are no longer good because the weekend offs championed for by labor unions breed non-productivity. Work and lunch breaks disrupt work. The sick leave allows workers to use their sick days for a longer period of time thereby negatively impacting productivity. The minimum wage set by the government as a result of pressure from unions impedes economic job growth. The work-based hours also hurts the economy that is still recovering from the world economic meltdown. Labor unions are also an embodiment of bureaucracy that only serves the interest of union leaders but impedes decision making processes that save enterprises from solvency.

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