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In this learning approach teachers arrange and directly pass on the information to students and reinforce the transmission through repetition and positive reinforcement, or rewards. Then the students gets the complete and thorough information, while teachers than use objective tests to determine the success students have learned from the information and whether they are ready to move forward to the next set of skills.

This approach is widely practiced. Complex skills such as reading are broken down to simple skills and are presented, taught and learned through repetition (ALTA Language Services).

Functional-Notional Approach

Verbal behavior is analyzed into two components:

1. The performance of language functions such as the people emphasize, question, command, reprove, convince, make an apology etc.

2. The expression of, or reference to, notions such as in performing functions, people manage particular notions. For example, they may say sorry for being late.

However, the concepts of notions include such as, frequency, location, time, motion, quantity etc. The functional-notional approach had a formative influence on the communicative approach to language teaching (Center for Applied Linguistics).

The task-based approach

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This approach provides its learners with wisely graded activities or tasks to develop their communicative competence. However, if the tasks become more complicated, the students require a more developed set of communicative skills. According to this approach, a communicative syllabus should be developed according to the problems of the tasks required of the learner at different stages in a course (Kitao).


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