Training Background on the Organization Assessment

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Background on the Organization

The organization that I am going to write about is a hotel that I used to work for, so I am working from memory here. The hotel is in the tourism industry and catered to the mass market. It was a large hotel and probably employed a couple hundred people. The customers is served were both business travelers and tourists, mostly for short stays. This is not a family resort or anything like that. The organization was divided into different divisions based along function, and there was little movement between divisions for most employees. This created a situation where there was sometimes a mismatch of skills within the organization or an underutilization of skills, and these are the problems that I want to address.

Performance Problem

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There were several performance issues that I can identify from my experiences. The first is that there was a high rate of turnover. This is fairly normal in the industry but it seemed excessively high at this hotel, and it led to other problems, in particular with respect to customer service. In some cases, there were staff in one division that were too busy, while other staff in other divisions were not busy enough. The ideal state, from a training perspective, is that the employees would have broader skills sets so that every employee can have optimal usage. Employees should be able to different jobs, even within different departments, in order to ensure that nobody is doing too much or too little. Looking at the issue from the perspective of the customer, anybody with a hotel uniform should be able to lend assistance. In too many instances, customers were being ignored because the only staff member in the area was completely unable to help. An example would be when a customer pulls up out front, and there is supposed to be a porter or valet, but the only person there was a window washer. The window washer, having no training and being from a different department, found it easier to ignore the customer rather than to attempt to even help them with their bags. This sort of thing happened all the time because of the low level of training that people received.

Assessment on Training Background on the Organization The organization Assignment

I see the problem has having been caused by poor training, but also by the organization structure that compartmentalized everybody in the hotel into different units. Someone from housekeeping literally knew nothing about any other aspect of the hotel, and it was the same for most people who worked there. The best solution would be to deliver better customer service, with better training, but the barriers in the internal structure of the organization, and the lack of resources dedicated to training seem to prevent this. Training is only part of the issue, but because it is, it can also be part of the solution.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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