Training and Development To design an effective Essay

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Training and Development

To design an effective training program, one of the most valuable tools is the needs assessment. The needs assessment is a method that establishes where the organization is with respect to the skills and knowledge within its workforce. This is then compared with what the organization has identified as the set of skills and knowledge that it needs to compete. The needs assessment, therefore, is a means by which the organization can prioritize its training (Heathfield, 2015).

The job analysis is therefore the first step in the needs assessment, because this technique allows the organization to understand what it believes it needs to compete. Then, the organization must find a way to evaluate the skills and abilities within its workforce. This is trickier. It has some data available from CVs, but many of those will be out of date, dating from when the applicant joined the company and not taking into account what the applicant has done since then. Interviews are one way to identify what skills and knowledge that the workforce has. The workers can be asked to name their skills, and their abilities, which could highlight what they feel they have to offer the company.

Another method is to use peer evaluations, or supervisor evaluations. Both third-party evaluations allow for a more objective look at what an employee brings to the table. The supervisor in particular can incorporate some of this information into the feedback and information it gathers during the employee review process. The company can ask the supervisor to answer specific questions as part of the performance review, so that this information can be communicated back as part of the skills inventory. In that way, the skills inventory can be built and thus compared with the needs assessment in order to determine the areas where the company needs to improve.

In particular individual employees can be aligned with the needs associated with their positions. In this way,… [END OF PREVIEW]

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