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Behavioral modeling, or observation of others, is the sixth method to be discussed. This method utilizes certain people's proclivity to imitate others towards discovering how to do something new. This is very effective with people who have such an inclination. It is also very effective in sales positions, where it is essential to listen to others make calls or interact with a customer. Behavioral modeling can also include technological training (i.e. watching a video tape). However, this method may not be so effective if a person is more hands-on or group oriented.

The Outdoor-Oriented Program is a method that emphasizes teamwork in a non-business environment. These programs or exercises usually involve team building or management strengthening and can be effective towards corporate development strategies. Coaching and counseling, the eighth method to be discussed comprises often one-on-one talks and advice with peers and superiors. These can be useful if the person is open to such talks.

Transitory Anticipatory Experiences, or "multiple management," are processes that allow a person to perform his or her usual duties of the old job while learning duties for a new job. These experiences "provide a reasonable approach to management development […] but little systematic study has been made of the effectiveness of this approach" (Ivancevich, 2007). Furthermore, this approach is under-utilized when compared to coaching or counseling.

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Another method is lecture-discussion, which involves just that: lecturing. This method may be boring for those with shorter attention spans and may not be preferred. An alternative more interesting method could be a technological approach, whether it is virtual reality, though this can be expensive, or distance learning, which can also be expensive.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Training (HR) Human Resources Training Assignment

The last two methods to be discussed, goal setting and team building, are vital to all the previous components. Therefore, one should strive to include them in any exercise or program. Goal setting is a more specific term and can motivate a team to strive towards a set objective. This is very effective for people who can focus well on one aim. Team building must be an on-going exercise and must always be kept in mind, whether in the office or in relevant locations, for team building is vital to a company's prosperity.


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