Training Key Areas Term Paper

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Training Key Areas

In an organization it is very important to observe legal requirements. The main aspect considered is the unjust discrimination of people on basis of race, color, faith, disability, gender, and marital status, country of origin or sexual orientation. This can be direct or indirect. It is done directly by treating a certain individual more or less favorably than another and indirectly by making certain standard to be more harsh to a certain group or individual compared to another. For example some qualification requirements may be made more difficult for women with the aim of discouraging women to join the organization. Employee training on diversity, employee growth, as well as legal requirements has a lot to offer the organization.


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Employees should be trained by the company to improve their flexibility to the changing trends and ensures that the organizational workers are not left way behind with the changing trends in the market. During training the organization should make sure that the policies being taught bring about the development of staff. With the necessary knowledge on legal requirements the employees would avoid engaging in illegal practices unknowingly. This would benefit both the organization (it would avoid lawsuits) and the employees (who would work and make decisions without unnecessary fears of making legal mistakes) (Hall et al., 2004). Some motivational needs include job security, promotions, and financial incentives. Legal tussles de-motivate the employees therefore training in legal requirements would reduce such tussles and create a satisfactory and motivational environment. Furthermore, the trained employees are more likely to be promoted hence additional motivation. The manager should also work together with the staff so as to know their skills and interests. The activities decided upon to be used during their training should match with their career growth objectives and their needs in the job (Hall et al., 2004).

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Employee training on growth is another important development in the organization. In addition to improving performance, employee growth also motivates employees and improves their skills. The organization competes in a changing market therefore there is need to train employees and bring them up-to-date on changing market practices (Charnov and Montana, 2000). In this way, newly employed individuals will not perceive themselves to be better performers than employees who have worked in the organization for years. All employees will be trained, their professional skills developed, made familiar with emerging trends and none of them would feel as if their skills do not match current organizational requirements. Professional development and academic growth are also motivational needs and they would be satisfied by training on employee growth (Charnov and Montana, 2000). Creating the opportunity for employees to advance their education and professional knowledge would motivate the employees who desire to realize academic and career excellence.

Employee growth can also be enhanced when the manager advices the staff, and offers praises to a well done job as this leads to motivation of the workers and will make them work hard and improve their performance. On top of offering praises to the workers one can offer rewards that will motivate the workers and not cause division between them. The training of human resource staff also ensures that they learn… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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