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Training Needs to Accomplish Selected Breakthrough Objectives for a Beltway Company (ABC)

While every situation is unique, there are some proven steps that a company can take to help identify the best approach to providing the training needed to accomplish specific organizational goals. Clearly, though, even proven training needs assessments will require fine-tuning and careful administration to be successful. Furthermore, because resources and time are by definition scarce, it is important to avoid false starts and provide human resources with the timely and accurate feedback they will need to develop or otherwise provide for such training programs. To this end, this paper provides an analysis of some training needs assessment considerations for the two selected breakthrough objectives mandated by ABC's CEO: (a) the development of state-of-the-art product development, lowered costs, and improved statistical process control; and (b) initiatives that will result in ABC becoming a leader in emerging Web-based technologies. A summary of the research and relevant recommendations will be provided in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

Types of Training Needs Assessments.

There are several approaches that ABC could use to accomplish the above-stated objectives through a training needs assessment, including (a) a human resources-based approach, and (b) a self-administered training needs assessment; in some ways, these two approaches can overlap (i.e., when employees take a company-provided online survey from their home), but there are some differences as noted further below.

Human-Resources-Based Approach. Generally speaking, the purposes for conducting a training needs assessment include identifying (a) optimal performance, (a) actual performance, - how key sources feel, (d) what is causing the problem, and (e) solutions to close gaps between optimal and actual performance (Bates, Holton & Naquin, 2000). In addition, Bowers, Braun, Jentsch, and Salas (1998) recommend exploring training interventions that result in more efficient patterns of information exchange. According to Bates and his colleagues, "A training needs assessment may address any or all of these purposes" (2000, p. 253). Depending on the number of ABC staff involved, the information required to achieve the training needs assessments needed to accomplish the above-stated objectives could be obtaining by informal or formal interviews, hard-copy questionnaires, online surveys, or a combination of these approaches.

Self-Administered Assessment. According to Gordon (2004), some companies have enjoyed good results… [END OF PREVIEW]

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