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[. . .] The HR strategy is consistent with the organizational culture of AT&T in that it is not customer-focus. This lack of customer focus is what needs to be addressed through the proposed training. At&T's organizational culture allows the HR strategy to overlook the importance of customer focused attitudes in behaviors amongst employees.

Recommendation on how the company will function better

Once the company implements the training and employees implement what they learn in the training there will be a greater rate of customer satisfaction and customer service will improve. At the current time AT&T has some of the worst customer service and customer satisfaction ratings in the nation. The purpose of the training is to assist employees in understanding the importance of customer service and customer satisfaction and change their behaviors as a result of this training. These issues need to be addressed because they deter people from doing business with AT&T. There are other companies that people have access to and AT&T must not take this fact for granted that just because it is the largest company in the field that people won't choose to patronize other companies in the industry.

Overall the recommended modes of training will improve the image of AT&T as a company that cares about customer satisfaction and customer service; the image that a company has it vitally important in ensuring the continued profitability of the company. The training will benefit employees greatly because it will give them the skills and the tools that are needed to provide the customer service and satisfaction that customers want and expect. AT&T has proven itself as a leading company for more than 100 years. However, this status does not mean there is not room for improvement. This recommended training will likely result in a company that is able to compete with others as it pertains to the type of customer service that it offers and not just the communications products and networks that it has.

Although the training proposed may be a difficult undertaking the rewards will be great and significant. It will give the company an even greater competitive advantage because in addition to providing some of the largest and best networks in the industry, the company will also provide the best customer service. The ultimate aim of the training is to guarantee that the company's drive to be profitable does not overshadow the importance of customers.


The purpose of this discussion was to provide a plan and develop a training program within the organization known as AT&T. The plan details the need for customer service training that is also designed to improve customer satisfaction. The plan will take place over a 12-month period and will take into consideration the impact of change management. The training will be implemented and evaluated to make improvements. Ultimately the training is designed to improve the image of the company and the way that it functions as it pertains to customer service and customer satisfaction.


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