Training Security Personnel Research Paper

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Training Security Personnel

The modern day employees are the primary source of organizational success. This subsequently means that the employers have to invest in them and one specific form of investment in the staff members is the offering of training programs. The first step in designing and implementing a training program is that of identifying the learning objectives. Particularly, it is essential to reveal the expectation of the training program. In the case of the training program for the new employees within the security firm, the learning objectives were identified as the following:

The ability to defend oneself (Defensive Systems). This is the first objective required from a security agent as they could not defend others without being able to defend themselves. This specifically implies the need for physical training sessions.

Understand the normalcy of a situation and be able to understand when irregularities are encountered. This objective is necessary to attain in order for the security agents to be able to identify potential risks.

3. The ability to understand the irregularities in normal behavior and assess them in terms of the risks they might pose.

4. Ability to profile people. This objective implies a specific level of psychological training in order to be able to identify the potential threat posed by individuals. Also, psychological training is useful as it helps the security agents cope with the trauma of a danger and help others overcome it.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Training Security Personnel Assignment

5. Ability to foresee a dangerous situation and prepare for it. This preparation refers to both the individual as well as the community he/she safeguards. Examples in this sense would include the evacuation of the population from the affected area, the instruction of the population on the measures to be taken and so on. Among other things, the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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