Transformational Leadership and Adopting Technology Article Review

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¶ … Transformational Leaders: Service Delivery and Leveraging of New Technologies

Evolving technologies have initiated the emergence of disruptive business models thereby challenging dominant industry logistics thereby reshaping established value chains.

The dominance of industry players relies on the scheme of value creation. Dynamism in technological fields has triggered the realignment of strategies in product and service delivery. In this paper, we identify the factors that may trigger the change in companies in the development of strategies to capture value from new technologies. Our analysis delves in various market players, especially the drug industry on the changes that bioinformatics and biotechnologies have brought to this industry.

Literature Review Analysis

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Bioinformatics and Biotechnology have contributed to the adoption of new methods of discovery and development of drugs (Sabatier, Craig-Kennard, & Mangematin, 2012). As a result, innovation and technology management has realigned the strategies employed by leaders in the transformation of service delivery in the drug industry. Managers play a crucial role within the 'dominant logic' framework as critical resource allocation decisions rely on them. The dominant industry-level logic depicts a conceptualization of the administrative and business tools meant to accomplish set goals within the organization. It provides a general framework that managers can utilize to ensure company profitability. Sharing of the logic guides encompasses value creation, value context, and value capture. Of the three aspects, value creation depicts the competencies and capabilities utilized by an organization in the generation of products and services.

Article Review on Transformational Leadership and Adopting Technology Assignment

Transformation leaders require a clear grasp of the value creation aspect to facilitate the success of the business. Business models dictate the strategy utilized by the business in the marketplace. Practitioners in the early 1990s developed business models aimed at managing portfolios to facilitate the realization of expected revenues considering the period (Sabatier, Craig-Kennard, & Mangematin, 2012). The close relation of business models and industry logics dictates the mindset of managers in their perception of the business environment including competitors. Reactions to the perceptions and discontinuities in business models and corporate strategies affect the emergence of more… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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