Transformational Leadership Which CEO Essay

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Yet for the entire organization there was an initial period to see just how authentic and transformational he would be or not. His approach to creating authenticity immediately focused on the sense of loss and apparent anxiety throughout the organization that the vision would somehow be altered. Yet Tim Cook chose to commit the year to Steve Jobs' vision of launching the latest iPad, going squarely against low-end laptops and netbooks. He also promised to not change any of the existing product development plans, and also pledged to not seek to marginalize any existing systems and strategies in place. He kept his word and continued to move aggressively in the direction of these shared goals and visions that Steve Jobs had created. The signaled to the entire company his authenticity and he fully intended to keep his word at the event that celebrated Steve Job's life. The essential aspects of a transformational leader's skill set include transparency, honesty and the ability to sense what leadership skill set is the best for a given situation (Avolio, Gardner, 334). This last aspect of any leaders' skill set is predicated on their level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and ability to quickly act based on these perceptions (Fitzgerald, Schutte, 497). Finally Tim Cook has also shown a very adept series of skills in applying idealized influence, inspirational motivation, individualized consideration and intellectual stimulation, all critical factors in transformational leadership (Fitzgerald, Schutte, 498).


Essay on Transformational Leadership Which CEO or Assignment

Combining these factors of transformational leadership and the ethics of using them to further the best interests of Apple while also staying the course to deeply engrained values in the company shows exceptional judgment as well (Price, 70, 71). Tim Cook could have vacillated, appeared uncertain, even unsure of the decisions made in the past. Instead he chose to take a very focused a deliberate strategy of accelerating the company to its vision and mission Steve Jobs had defined. He did change the culture slightly based on his more informal, conversational style, yet through all of the massive and potentially disruptive change of losing a CEO, Tim Cook held true to the course and shows what authentic leadership is when faced with a very significant challenge.

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