Transformative Leadership Transformational Application Essay

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She said that I did a good job in helping others realize their potential, by mentoring and soliciting advice. She also praised my willingness to lead by doing, and said she had never seen me ask someone to do something in a leadership context that I would be unwilling to do myself. However, in terms of vision and charisma she gave me only slightly above average grades, in contrast to the well-above-average scores in my other areas.

Some of my problems in being charismatic may be because I have not yet been given the task of formulating my own vision; rather I have primarily been in charge of realizing the vision of others. However, not every transformational leader begins as an entrepreneur and the leader of his or her own organization. Transformational leaders must have an internal sense of fairness, rights, and values, even when upholding the vision of another leader in the service of the organization.

I have a good base of values with which to work -- such as my belief in the need for mentorship of subordinates, which was such a critical part of my own development as an employee. But I must look deeper within to create a sense of my values and vision so it consistently inspires me, so it can inspire others.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Application Essay on Transformative Leadership Transformational Leadership Transformational Assignment

With a deeper sense of purpose that is consistent through my work, I believe that I may also become more charismatic and embody the type of responsive, unpretentious and effective leadership that I admire. I am not displeased with the leadership I exercise now, but I think I can do better. I cannot ask others to perform to a higher standard if I am not willing to try the same myself. Workers are not simply motivated through individualized mentorship -- they like to think they are part of something larger than themselves. That is the essence of transformational leadership. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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