Transforming HR Management Essay

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However, approximately 70% of the function of human resources is consumed by the traditional activities like compliance and record keeping though people are spending more time on strategic partnering. The HR transition to a more strategic partner within the organization has focused on enhancing technology and service delivery. The focus has now shifted to the realization of human capital strategies based on the improvement of profitability and competitiveness.

Importance of HR as a Strategic Partner:

While the process of transforming human resources management requires organizations to implement a talent strategy, its benefit to the organization cannot be underestimated. It's important for human resources management to transform from being basically administrative and operational to a strategic partner because of the following reasons

Increased Productivity:

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One of the reasons for the importance of HRM as a strategic partner is that it increases the productivity of the workforce and organizational profitability. As a strategic partner, human resource management helps in the development and implementation of a strategy, structure, and services that are linked and support the business strategy ("HR as Strategic Partner?" 2002). The ability of a company to become productive is dependent on the capability of its human resource department to support organizational functions. HR management based on the administrative and operational approach is not responsive to the ongoing rate of change. Through a strategic partnership approach, human resource management contributes to increased productivity and profitability because of its impact on human capital.

Impact of Globalization on Today's Working Environment:

Essay on Transforming HR Management to a Assignment

Globalization has resulted in numerous changes to today's working environment that requires organizations to reposition and restructure themselves in order to achieve their business goals. With the huge changes in the working environment, it's important for HR management to transform to strategic partnership to cope with the rapid changes. The new competitive realities that organizations experience because of the changes require new and divergent capabilities. As a result, various organizations across the globe are involved in attempts to adopt a new HR management approach i.e. As a strategic partner. For instance, the effect of globalization on the working environment has resulted in McDonald's Corporation adopting international HRM strategies through the strategic partner HRM approach (Aslam, Ahmed & Pervaiz, n.d.).

Competency and Talent Management:

The changes in the business environment as a result of globalization have resulted in the need for organizations to incorporate competency and a talent strategy to improve business performance. The need for competency and talent management of the workforce has made it important to transform HR as a strategic partner rather an administrative and operational.


Human resource management is an aspect that has been in existence for as long as people have been working though the term was coined several decades ago. Since its inception, the important business aspect has undergone various changes to improve performance. It's important to transform it into a more strategic partner due to globalization and impact on profits.


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