Transforms Correlations Essay

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Both cluster and factor analysis, do not differentiate dependent and independent variables. Cluster analysis appears to be the counter factor analysis.

Methods for confirmatory cluster analysis are not available in standard software. SPSS offers only a rudimentary confirmatory analysis. All starting values have to be fixed or freed for estimation. Linear or non-linear restrictions or fixing some parameters is not possible. The validity of the conclusions drawn from cluster analysis techniques is sometimes questioned since very different clusters can be formed from the same data depending on how the analysis is performed. This apparent ambiguity results from the decisions made by researchers prior to the actual analysis.


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Storch, B.S., & Fischel, J.E. (n.d.). Assessment of Preschool Classroom Practices: Application of Q-Sort Methodology. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Vol. 21 Issue 4, 417-430.

Essay on Transforms Correlations Among a Set Assignment

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