Transition Ed and Services Students With Special Essay

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Transition Ed and Services

Students with special needs may not be able to see themselves as employees, and they may have trouble understanding that an employer has expectations (Coulter, 2011). It is important that the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) specifically addresses the steps need to transition from high school to the workplace. Goals for these students should include learning how to function in settings outside of school, learning to advocate for themselves and how to ask for assistance, as well as communications and personal money management skills. The student should be involved in the planning process, taking an active role rather than having everything arranged for him/her. Taking an active role may be one of the first experiences in self-advocacy.

Only six percent of autistic adults hold paid, full-time jobs (Gathers, 2011). Transition planning, as part of the I.E.P., is an attempt to make gains against this dismal statistic. Obviously, the level of functioning of the individual is a consideration. For most students with autism, learning vocational skills while in school can be a boon to finding post-high school employment. People with autism enjoy structured, repetitive work and often do well in technology and manufacturing industries (Gathers). It is important to find a vocation that meshes with a student's interests, and various options should be explored to find the right "fit."Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Transition Ed and Services Students With Special Assignment

The student should undergo assessment to identify strengths, needs, interests and preferences for employment after high school. Post-secondary vocational training or college may be an option for some. There are several ways assessments can be done, including self-assessment, interviewing of the student by teachers or counselors, and situational assessment, which involves observing the student in a workplace environment to determine factors such as endurance, strength, social skills, and aptitude. Hopefully the school has good relationships with employers in the community and can arrange for students to have multiple experiences in different kinds of jobs. A range of work experiences is helpful, including explorations, job shadowing, mentoring and internships (TIN pull-out page, n.d.). Some training also has to be provided to employers so they understand issues associated with employees with disabilities. Because of he Americans with Disabilities Act, there is considerable information available to employers through the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Much information, and answers to employers' questions, can… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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