Transition to Renewable Energy Since the Industrial Term Paper

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¶ … Transition to Renewable Energy

Since the Industrial Revolution, modern society has been dependent on fossil fuels and petroleum products for energy to power the many inventions and technological developments that have made life so much easier in the developed world. However, the planet does not have unlimited supplies of natural energy-producing resources. The oil that we have been mining from deep underneath the ground for approximately two centuries cannot be replenished by the natural processes that accounted for its formation originally. That is because petroleum is a natural byproduct of the decaying vegetations and biological life that lived on the planet millions of years ago.

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The gasoline that powers today's automobiles literally comes from the bodies of dinosaurs and other living creatures that lived long before the emergence of Homo Sapiens roughly one million years ago. The tremendous rate of technological growth, especially in the United States since the 19th century has already used up the largest available portion of the planet's entire oil reserves. At the current rate of consumption, the world will likely completely run out of fossil fuel-based energy source before the end of this century. Moreover, the use of fossil fuels for energy generates large amounts of airborne carbon and myriad other byproducts, some of which are toxic. These carbon emissions are believed by most scientists to be a principal cause of environmental damage as well as global warming.

Term Paper on Transition to Renewable Energy Since the Industrial Assignment

In addition to the problems caused by oil shortages, there are very dangerous geopolitical consequences of the fact that oil reserves are not distributed uniformly throughout the world. Instead, they are concentrated in the Middle East where they have made several nations that are otherwise largely backward socially to become tremendously wealthy and influential on a global scale. Throughout the 20th century, much of American foreign policy was a reflection of the need to maintain favorable relations with the Arab oil kingdoms. Today, when radical Islamic factions are engaged in worldwide terrorism against American and Western interests, the continued dependence on their crude oil products are capable of being used as a weapon against us. The… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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