Transmedia Characters Term Paper

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¶ … Harry Potter as a transmedia character, i.e. how he appears in different forms of media.

In Lev Grossman's, the magicians, we have a prototype of another Harry Potter. Almost. This Harry Potter, called Quentin, is much older, has had no prior destiny to be an elect magician per se (although he, too was born with the gift), seemed to fit in more with the 'human race' than Harry Potter did (although we get the feeling that he too was a 'nerd') and has his adventure ending in a tragedy, where Quentin loses his girlfriend.

The original Harry Potter actually was a more loveable and possibly morally hygienic figure to many people than this Quentin is. Both are realistic. Both come across as individuals who have initial problems with their identity and seek, at least initially, to conform. Both appear to seek to please others and to feel poor confidence in their skill as student-magicians. Both try supremely hard in school to win the approval of teachers and students and to fit in.

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Here the similarities end. Harry Potter seemed to have a more loyal relationship with his friends and relations. Mistreated by his relations, though he was, he still returns to them every vacation and is not unpleasant to them. He is also a better friend than Quentin is, being more sociable and less taciturn and self-centered. Quentin, in contrast, does have parents and these parents -- we are told little about them -- but they seem settled middle-class people who care about him and his education. Quentin, too, was extracted from a school where he had friends. The fact that he could leave his friends and his family, without even wishing to return to his parents and bade them goodbye -- without even, in fact, keeping in touch with them through the many years that he was in the school does not reflect well on this more adult, more self-occupied 'Harry Potter'.

Term Paper on Transmedia Characters Assignment

This Harry Potter too engages in sexual exploits than the younger one does not. He uses Alive and is then disloyal to her. This Harry Potter possesses a certain level of grittiness and self-absorption that the other lacks. Had Quentin emerged instead of Harry Potter, I doubt than he would have had the same level of popularity.

Harry Potter too seems to be a greater philosophical commentary… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Transmedia Characters Term Paper

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Transmedia Characters Term Paper

Transmedia Characters Term Paper

Transmedia Characters Term Paper

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