Transmedia Characters Term Paper

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Arthur Conan Doyle's Understanding Of Devotion

Holmes' first appearance

Doyle's intentions with the character

No boundaries to Holmes' determination

Class differences insignificant when seen from Holmes' perspective

BBC's Sherlock TV series

A challenged hero

Holmes as an undying character

The character of Sherlock Holmes is very complex and while most people have a stereotypical understanding of the individual, one needs to look at Holmes from a series of perspectives in order to be able to comprehend the messages that its creators wanted to send. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories were very popular and this is one of the primary reasons for which a series of individuals got actively involved in adapting them in order to fit diverse concepts. Numerous writers, television producers, comic book writers, and music producers adopted the character with the purpose of providing the world with how they saw Sherlock Holmes.

Arthur Conan Doyle's understanding of devotion

a. Holmes' first appearance

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From the very first moments when Dr. Watson interacts with Holmes, it becomes obvious that the protagonist is an exceptional individual and that he is constantly focused on doing his job, even when no one actually asks him to do so. The first two parts of "A Study in Scarlet" make it possible for readers to understand that Holmes is very careful to details and that he is attentive about individuals whom he interacts with. The central character immediately notices that Watson has a military background and this influences the Dr. To raise readers' interest by joining them in being astonished as a result of his new friend's abilities.

b. Doyle's intentions with the character

It is actually difficult to determine whether Doyle created Holmes with the purpose of making him likeable or if he did so in order to have individuals simply appreciate a person's ability to succeed in his or her endeavor to be as best as he or she can possibly be.

Term Paper on Transmedia Characters Assignment

One of the prevailing concepts in all of the stories involving Holmes relates to his devotement to his job. This is a person who does not hesitate to risk his life in order to achieve his goals and who expresses little to no interest in the material benefits that he earns as a consequence of doing his job.

c. No boundaries to Holmes' determination

"The Final Problem" is essential when considering Holmes's devotement to his job, taking into account that he is determined to do everything in his power in order to pursue Professor Moriarty. The story starts with Holmes arriving at Dr. Watson's house in a poor condition and seemingly agitated. It is later revealed that the protagonist was almost killed on three occasions before he reached Dr. Watson's home as Professor Moriarty wanted to discourage the detective's attempt to gather sufficient evidence to convict him.

Holmes is the type of individual who never backs up from an interesting case and who is willing to give up some of the values he cares for the most in order to be able to close a case. This is actually what makes most readers come back and read another account involving mystery story. Holmes's intriguing nature is enough to influence practically any reader to believe that he or she is about to come across a story filled with a series of impressive elements.

III. Class differences insignificant when seen from Holmes' perspective

a. BBC's Sherlock TV series

This series provides an intriguing look concerning Arthur Conan Doyle's writings. Even with the fact that the series are, to a certain degree, similar to the initial writings, one is likely to observe the most complex character of the series. It is not necessarily that the action takes place in the 21st century or that the producers attempted to add more intrigue to the storyline, as it is actually that the series practically brings on a whole new approach to the character of Holmes and really does a good job at doing so.

Both the series and the stories present an eccentric superhero that is constantly willing to go through great lengths with the purpose of discovering more concerning a case. Holmes is both an interesting and an interested individual and many readers are probable to feel that they practically interact with him as they progress with reading the storyline and watching the series.

b. A challenged hero

When considering Doyle's writings and the series, one is likely to consider that Holmes is among the few superheroes-like characters who maintains his… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Transmedia Characters Term Paper

Transmedia Characters Term Paper

Transmedia Characters Sherlock Holmes Term Paper

Transmedia Characters Term Paper

Transmedia Characters Term Paper

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