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Transportation and Technology have chosen transportation and my area of research for the SL

Science and technology have had dramatic influence on so many areas history in the modern period that it is difficult to choose just one area of concentration. However, transportation is one area that has shown dramatic, even unbelievable advances in a relatively short period of time. In less than one hundred years, man first flew at Kitty Hawk, and walked on the moon, and that is an amazing leap of technology in less than a century.

In addition, transportation has become one of the most important aspects of modern life. The type of car a person drives is supposed to reveal their personality and interests. For example, a young, single executive might drive a convertible BMW, which says he or she is successful, fun loving, and discerning at the same time. A mother might drive a mini-van or SUV to show she is family oriented and settled down, while a young male might drive a tricked out Honda to show he is young, carefree, and into motor sports. Transportation has come to mean more than simply traveling from point a to point B; it has become something of a status symbol and necessity. All of this evolved from technology, and has become an essential part of the American lifestyle.

It is interesting to think about how different our lives might be if technology had not taken the twists and turns it did. We might all still be riding trains or bicycles. We might still be dependent on sailing and steam ships, rather than aircraft and automobiles. Technology and scientific discovery led to some of the best transportation innovations we know today, but they… [END OF PREVIEW]

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