Child Sexual Abuse Trauma Impact Analytical Essay

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It is still as of yet unclear, however, the extent to which survivors of child sexual abuse can go on to have health, functioning lives as adults. Domhardt, Münzer, Fegert and Goldbeck, 2015) note that “survivors who were found to have a normal level of functioning despite a history of sexual abuse ranged from 10% to 53%”—in other words it could be as many half of all survivors to as few as 10% who are able to overcome the factors of trauma and reach psychological health. As for the factors of the trauma that are most influential in the severity of symptoms, Wagenmans et al. (2018) note that “certain types of experiences at specific sensitive periods have stronger impact on and more predictive strength for symptom development than others.” Typically the sensitive period is under the age of 12 (Schalinski et al., 2016), and children under the age of 12 who report will develop depressive symptoms while reporting over the age of 12 is more associated with PTSD symptoms.

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Reactions to this trauma will be determined by gender, age, severity, duration and so on. The range of reactions to this trauma consists of: nightmares, difficulty sleeping, withdrawal, emotional unrest and angry outbursts, anxiety, depression, unwillingness to be left alone, PTSD, major depressive disorder, and a lifetime of drug or alcohol abuse. The person could also grow up to abuse others.

Analytical Essay on Child Sexual Abuse Trauma Impact Assignment

Communities and systems that can be impacted or involved in this trauma include minority communities, especially those impacted by poor socio-economic conditions, individuals in urban ghettoes where there is no strong mother presence in the household, and communities where there is drug or alcohol abuse and crime. Children are more vulnerable in such environments. Systems in which this trauma exists, however, have been found to be systems of power and influence as well. The Jimmy Savile racket in England is one example, but the Jeffrey Epstein scandal in the U.S. is another example of how child sex trafficking and child sexual abuse is rampant among certain elites: the Epstein scandal has involved numerous high ranking officials, CEOs, and dignitaries, many of whom will now never be prosecuted because Epstein died in prison while awaiting trial. The fact remains, however, that child sex trafficking is clearly a major issue and modeling agencies play a part in subjecting young girls to perpetrators of sexual abuse. This is a system that perpetrates this type of crime and normalizes it to some extent as it becomes an accepted price to pay to get into modeling agencies or to have a future career in modeling. Child sex abuse is not always found in homes: it can be found in jobs and may even be permitted in a type of quid pro quo environment where the child is promised many things in exchange for sexual favors.

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