Traumatic Events Research Paper

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Traumatic Events

How to identify a child going through abuse or neglect

Within the school district there are many students who have gone through and others are still going through traumatic events. Some of these traumatic events are sexual, physical, mental abuse and issues of abandonment. There are various ways that can be used to identify children who are going through traumatic indicator is any change in behavior. If a child's behavior has suddenly changed or their performance has gone down then they might be going through a traumatic event. Another way to identify a child going through traumatic events is if they have learning problems or simply cannot concentrate which can not be linked to particular physical or psychological causes. Children going through traumatic events are always watchful as though they are always preparing for a bad thing to happen. They are also passive, compliant or withdrawn (Child welfare information gateway, 2007).

Traumatic events, delinquency and crime

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The abuse that children go through has often been linked to delinquency and crime development in these children. This is because the abuse and neglect ends up leaving lasting scars in the child. Some of the scars are emotional and they damage the child's sense of self and their ability to function. They end up developing high risk behaviors such as drug abuse which lead to crime. This is because they will need money to satisfy their drug problems and thus get involved in crime so as to get this money. There are other children who the abuse makes brings a change in behavior such that they become very aggressive. Such children end up being serial killers or even sex offenders.

Intervention on child abuse

TOPIC: Research Paper on Traumatic Events Assignment

There are various ways through which child abuse and neglect can be dealt with. There is the child abuse prevention and enforcement act came to the conclusion that in majority of the cases financial assistance is required to help prevent and report any incidence of child abuse and neglect. This financial assistance is also used to establish programs for education as well as the prevention of child abuse. If funds are accessible then there will be success and efficiency in prevention and bringing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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