Travel Agents Analysis Term Paper

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Travel Agents Analysis

The following pages will focus on providing an outlook on the situation of the U.K. tourism in general, and of travel agents in particular. The main aspects brought under discussion by this research paper regard the differences between traditional travel agents, on the one hand, and of e-tourism, on the other hand. Also, future trends in the field are presented, together with recommendations designed for improving travel agents' activity.

The introduction presents the importance of the problem and its implications. Also, the introduction provides a brief presentation of the research methodology used in this paper.

The following section focuses on establishing the hypotheses and the objectives of the research, as the starting point of any research. This is a very important section of the paper, as it provides theoretical background to the research in case. Also, this section is responsible for discussing the research options used for each objective.

Another section of extreme importance is the Results and Discussion one. This section presents the findings for every objective proposed by the research initially. This section somewhat denies the hypothesis that e-tourism will overcome traditional travel agents at some point.

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The paper ends with the Conclusions and Recommendations section. This section reveals and supports the most important findings of the research papers. It also presents a series of recommendations that companies activating in the tourism sector could find useful.


Literature Review


Research Problem Definition

Research Scope

Establishing the Objectives and Hypotheses of the Research

Pre-estimating the Value of the Information Gathered from the Research

Selecting Information Sources

Selecting the Information Collection Method

Research Methods for Each Objective

Results and Discussion

Term Paper on Travel Agents Analysis the Following Pages Will Assignment

U.K. Tourism General Situation

Identifying the differences between high street travel business and e-business

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Types of Companies

Establishing the profitability of both types of companies

Determining the future of the two businesses

Determining the power of e-business

Conclusions and Recommendations

Reference List


The following pages will focus on providing a research study regarding the current situation and the future of high street travel agents. In other words, the research question that the entire project revolves around is: what is the future, if any, of high street travel agents and will they survive?

This issues is a matter of extreme importance and it results could affect many parties involved in this matter. For example, it could be an important issue for the researcher. This is because this research project refers to a very present situation. In addition to this, such a research subject could be a great practice example because it incorporates several types of information collection. The project involves gathering and analyzing qualitative information, on the one hand, and quantitative information, on the other hand. Therefore, it is a very good way through which the researcher could see the differences between the two types of information, the relationship between them, and how these two types of information present complementary characteristics that are useful for attaining the project's objectives.

Also, the project deals with several methods of collecting the information. The research project in cause includes both primary sources and secondary sources. Regarding primary sources, the project involves the in-depth interview and the questionnaire sent by e-mail. The in-depth interview could be a great opportunity for the researcher to test its abilities and knowledge regarding psychology, sociology, and marketing. The researcher could gain experience this way.

Also, the researcher could see in the most practical way the differences between various investigation techniques, like the in-depth interview and the questionnaire sent by e-mail. The in-depth interview requires certain skills from the person conducting it. If the researcher does not have any experience in conducting such interviews, the first interviews with company representatives will not go in the direction required by this project. But after interviewing a few persons, the researcher will gain experience and the following interviews will go according to plan, given the fact that the minimum number of interviewed people should be 30 and the maximum should be 50. Therefore, if some of the interviews do not provide de expected outcomes, they could be eliminated from the analyses. The characteristics of the questionnaire will also be experienced in a practical manner. If the researcher does not have significant experience in elaborating such questionnaires, it is recommended to study some questionnaires that regard certain subjects that present similarities with the matter of this research project. Another important aspect of the research project is the fact that it also involves secondary investigation, allowing the researcher to explore this type of investigation.

The importance of this research project is also given by its subject, which regards a current situation. This situation affects several parties. It affects high street travel agents, online travel agents, and their customers.

The travel market is suffering serious modifications currently. High street travel agents lose more and more ground in favor of online travel agents. In 2001, over 35 million Europeans purchased travel products through online travel agents, especially for leisure purposes (Reitsma, 2002). The most popular products are airline tickets and hotel rooms, the same as previous periods. This online study presents information on travel market trends. These trends show that the number of travelers that prefer online booking to high street agents is increasing.

Another article that presents relevant information regarding the travel market situation and the importance of the subject is "What's the future for high street travel agents?." The article was published on TravelMole, the Online Community for the Travel and Tourism Industry in 2006.

World Travel News site also discusses the high street travel agents situation. The article "High Street Travel Agents Told Change Direction or Die Out" mentions that "up to 50% of independent holidaymakers, those who book hotels, flights and other arrangements separately, are snubbing high street travel agents and booking breaks on the Internet or via phone calls to tour operators." The article also mentions that the number of high street travel agents has fallen by 50% in the United Kingdom, although the travel market has significantly increased. This can only support the affirmation that high street travel agents will continue to lose ground in favor of online travel agents.

Travel market forecast do not show any improvements, as "a third of all travel agencies will close in the next 10 years unless agents embrace the Internet. Numbers could fall from just over 6,000 now to around 4,200 in a decade's time" (Technology Marketing Corporation, 2005).

A very consistent market research that could be used as a secondary source is Travel Agents and Overseas Tour Operators, conducted by MindBranch in 2007. The report contains information regarding: market sectors, market trends, market size, industry background, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, buying behavior, current issues, the global market, forecasts, and company profiles. This report also mentions the great challenge that online travel agents are for high street travel agents.

This research project could be important for travelers also. The information provided by this research could help them decide about their travel options. The research could clarify a series of aspects regarding the activity of high street travel agents and online travel agents.

Literature Review

The following pages will focus on presenting an analysis of the situation regarding traditional travel agents on the one hand, and e-tourism, on the other hand. This information presented in this research paper was revealed by secondary sources mainly. Most of the sources consulted for this paper are consisted of articles from journals and newspapers in the field. Official reports provided by the U.K. government have also been consulted in order to provide a more complex outlook of the tourism situation in the U.K.

A series of websites that deal with tourism in the U.K. were studied in order to gather information regarding past situations in the field, current situations, recent developments, and future trend that are expected to characterize the evolution of tourism in general, and of travel agents in particular.

However there is a severe lack of data, information, and consistent studies in this field. This lack of information has been acknowledged by the government also. As a consequence, the U.K. government has established a research strategy that is required to be implemented in the future. The lack of such information on tourism significantly affects the situation of travel agents. Travel agencies' strategies should be based on thorough studies that would allow them to make the right decisions on a long-term basis.


Research Problem Definition

The problem that makes the object of this research project regards the current situation of high street travel agents and their future in relation to e-business travel. It is recommended to establish all the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional travel business and of the e-business. These advantages and disadvantages must be studied in terms of companies and clients also. It is also recommended to establish the performance of each type of travel business, in terms of financial results and number of clients. Customer satisfaction is another factor that must be taken… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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