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[. . .] The taproom is available for beer-tasting.

Granville Island Brewing Co. Ltd.

1441 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R7


website: http://www.gib.ca

Just north of the city in North Vancouver you'll find the Capilano Suspension Bridge. In the 25-acre park you'll also find a center for native carving and other indigenous exhibits, a restaurant and gift store. The scenery is breath-taking. If you can gather the courage to cross the suspension foot-bridge over the 500 ft-deep gorge you'll have an opportunity to take spectacular pictures.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1;


website: http://www.capbridge.com

For dinner, you might try the Raincity Grill and C. Restaurant. Located on the beach in the West End of Vancouver. The restaurant specializes in using local ingredients to produce their food. The location is beautiful and the food and service reported to be excellent. The menu includes seafood and game as well as poultry, and all vegetables are organically grown in British Columbia (3).

Raincity Grill and C. Restaurant

1193 Denman Street

Vancouver, BC

V6G 2N1



After dinner consider checking out the Vancouver International Comedy Festival that goes on in late July and early August. Located on Granville Island, the festival includes over 100 outdoor performances during the day, all free. Nighttime brings big-name entertainment, all with a comedy theme. To explore this option more, see:



Enjoy the outdoors! You may have been lucky enough to see some whales traveling to Vancouver Island, but take a day and have a chance to see them and learn about them. Killer whales were worshipped by the Natives who lived along the shores of British Columbia and still have the power to inspire awe as well as respect.

The whale-watching tour leaves from Steveston, a fishing village about an hour from downtown, but the tour company will send transportation for you. Lunch is provided, including sandwiches, fresh fruit, juice and a dessert. You'll be back in town early in the evening.

For dinner, you can't go to Canada without having some good French food. Try the hermitage Restaurant, an intimate setting including a fireplace and antiques. The Hermitage is a quiet location in an action-packed part of town, so if you want to go out dancing afterwards, you'll be well situated.

Hermitage Restaurant

115-1025 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4A9

Fax: Website: http://www.thehermitagevancouver.com


Daytrip to Kamloops: Today you can be a viewer or a participant: it's up to you. The 24th Annual Kamloopa PowWow Days take place August 1 -3 in Kamloomps, including over 1,300 performers, competitions, and the opportunity to buy arts and crafts. If you don't want to go to the PowWow Days, it's also the opening day for the Cowboy Festival and Wild West Show in nearby Vernon. Canada has a rich cowboy tradition just as the United States does, and this festival will include musicians, artist and gunfights. Either drive will take about 1 1/4 hours fro Vancouver.

If neither of these appeal to you, you can travel to the area for river rafting. Fraser River Raft Expeditions can take you on a day of white-water rafting. The actual trip lasts from about 10AM to 4PM and includes lunch. You'll need to leave Vancouver at 7:30 AM to do this activity.


Fraser/Nahatlatch/Coquihalla River Expeditions meet in the historic town of Yale, BC (allow 2 hours driving time from Vancouver).

From Vancouver, head east on Highway 1.

At Hope, take Exit 170, this is where Highway 1 exits off.

Follow the signs for the Highway 1 east through the town of Hope and up the Fraser Canyon.

They are about 23 km from Hope, 1 km west of Yale on the right side of Highway 1.

They have signs at each end of our property (Fraser River Raft Expeditions).

Look for a big building with a red metal roof and cedar siding.

Turn right and go down our driveway. The Teague House B&B is at our base.

You should bring:

Bathing suit, shorts, T-shirt

Polar fleece, acrylic or wool top (warm when wet)

Wind-proof rain jacket and pants

Running shoes and wool socks

Sun screen (or sun block), brimmed hat and sunglasses

Retainer or string for glasses


Complete change of clothes for end of trip


Spend the morning at Stanley Park. You can use your car to get around. At this park, the largest city park in all of North America, you'll see the remarkable Totem Park, each with a plaque explaining the cultural significance of the individual totem. A walk along the seawall will give a variety of ocean views. It is 9 km and you may not want to walk the whole thing. Keep your eyes open for a wide variety of wildlife, including numerous kinds of waterfowl and small mammals. The Pavilion has cafeteria-style luncheon food in a beautiful setting.

In the afternoon, visit the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia (6393 NW Marine Dr.) for an in-depth look at the wide variety of cultures that have lived in British Columbia.


Return rental car




330 Vancouver

08/04/2004 01:48 PM

Plane: McDonnell Douglas Super MD-80 (S80)


08/04/2004 07:52 PM McDonnell

Travel Time: 4 hrs 4 min



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