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Kurt Anderson investigates different perspectives on the concept of time travel. While opening with the necessary discussion of time travel in the context of science fiction and fantasy the discussion quickly evolves to include more widely accessible concept of time travel not specifically as transportation but rather as a means of connecting tangibly with the past. The general theme of the broadcast is that anyone and indeed everyone can be a time traveler to some extent. This discussion comes full circle in the course of the five-minute long broadcast when Kurt begins talking about his own experiences as a time traveler of sorts and the events and places in his life which allowed him to connect tangibly to the past.

The idea that the past is not in fact past is one which is rather comforting in an age moving forward so rapidly that even a decade out of date may as well be a century. The concept that time travel can only be a myth, something used to travel to the extreme past or future is one which has fueled the imagination of countless writers and producers throughout time. This fascination with the ability to immerse oneself in a time period either long since past or still yet to come is related most likely with a desire to feel connected to a time which has been idealized or holds special relevance to an individual.

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The ability to connect to times past, and perhaps given that ability connect to what may come is an important part of developing individual identity. Increasingly we find ourselves without such connections. It is impossible to relate back to a specific culture without being inundated and diluted by other world cultures. As technology improves the globalization of developed countries precludes individuals from developing traditional ethnic and familial identities distinct from the identity of the region in which they live.

Listening 2: The Great Gatsby

TOPIC: Essay on Travel Kurt Anderson Investigates Different Perspectives on Assignment

In this hour long broadcast Kurt discusses the various thematic elements in the famed novel by F. Scott. Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby" and the reasons such a seemingly dark novel is so synonymous with Americana. Including an interview with one of the actors who is responsible for bringing the work to life on the stage, Kurt investigates not only the greater thematic elements of the plot but also the development of the characters within the short novel. Specifically the dark underbelly of human nature even when it appears that someone has everything they ever could have wanted. The fact of the matter though, and what perhaps is the most significant message of the book is that often the pursuit of goals be they material or abstract, can often blind us to the genuine roots of the desire for whatever it is.

I consider myself a Gatsby aficionado having read the book several times. As noted in the broadcast though one significant factor of the work is that, with every reading there is a new facet,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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