Term Paper: Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

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[. . .] Mental conditions usually worsen in the long run after someone stops taking mental medication. Usually a mental disorder is a permanent life changing experience, no one that I know of has never recovered from a mental illness. (Willman, 2000)

Speaking of our soldiers who fight in the war, they go from one extreme to the other. Soldiers walk around with a gun in their hands, and anyone who gives them any trouble at all; they just shoot them, than they go directly into a civilized society where they cannot shoot anyone who gives them trouble. Soldiers live in this environment for years, and the human mind gets trained or forms a habit after only 30 days of repetition. Right after veterans go from living a lifestyle where the only rules are survival, to a society where there restricting rules, most of them favoring the ones who causes the trouble. Before trying medications for psychological adjustments, it may be more effective to give the soldiers an adjustment period, where they have a medium between civilization and open field where they can roam freely in. (Goodwin, 1987)


Statistics show that 11.6 million Americans suffer from PSTD. The purpose of this experiment was to compare the difference among Serzone, other anti-depressants, and non-medical treatment. We divided the subjects into three groups. Each experiment lasted for 12 months.

Serzone group

The patients who were put on Serzone for 12 months had the fewer side effects, although the ones who did have side effects suffered serious medical problems, precisely kidney failure. Some patients had no side effects. As far as lifting mental anxiety, this varied from patient to patient, most of them not feeling nay type of relief until they changed their lifestyles, or dealt with what was bothering them. All patients did experience better sleeping patterns.


Our study involving Prozac were very similar the patients on Serzone, but with more side affects, such as elevated blood pressure, major weight gain, and sexual problems. The compliant heard the most often form patients after the treatment was finished that they were incredibly happy while gaining 70 pounds. A few patients reported feelings of suicide at the end of their treatment.

Non-Medicated group

Of course this group had no side effects from the medication, these people were put in this category because they were previously on medications. This group, although most of them wanted medical treatment were not allowed to take any anti-depressants, but had the most positive results. This group was treated by counseling, therapist-containing deep mental exercises that assisted them to go in and deal with their problems, and vigorous exercise programs, such as running, and other cardio-challenging programs, no casual walking was allowed. They watched funny sitcoms, and were kept away from depressing movies. These people were taught to handle their problems, and give themselves a grieving or a downtime. This was the group with the most positive results.


Maybe in the most extreme cases can veterans be effectively treated with medication, but this is not the most favorable way to be treated. In my opinion, giving veterans downtown time, between civilization and war, are the most effective. However, there are older veterans who cannot watch particular television programs, or engage in hunting activities because of flashbacks from the war. When mental flashbacks occur, then medication may be an effective treatment. (Bandsman, 1995).


This section is only an opinion from my point-of-view and incidences that I have witnessed other people go through. I am not a licensed psychologists, but I think knowing this information can possibly prevent people from going through a misdiagnosis of mental depression. Through this research, learning of all the severe consequences of anti-depressants, this information can be very valuable.

Through out this essay, non-legitimate cases, and misdiagnosis of mental disorders, including mental depression has been discussed. The treatment for mental depression is usually a life changing experience, because as we have learned, the medication used to treat mental illnesses are usually stopped by the patient themselves, because of the severe side effects. Those who continue the treatment throughout its full course are usually cursed with physical illnesses for the rest of their lives, or usually cannot get off of the psychological drugs. During this research I have found several articles, which included testimonies from patients claiming they were misdiagnosed with a mental disorder, and are now left with the consequences, and the black mark of being mentally ill. (Schaffer, 2000)

It is the responsibility of each individual to know when they are mentally ill, or just going through a bad time in their life. When one is seeing hallucinations, such as a cow in the middle of their living rooms, (considering they are not into drugs), having thoughts to hurt someone, or spending a majority of their time stalking someone, then it is time to seek professional help. These cases I have mentioned are so severe, that anyone experiencing these thoughts know that these ideas are not coming from mental sound judgment, and they know that psychiatric help is in order. But the majority of the diagnosis for mental illness is probably bogus.

It is also the responsibility of each individual to get the circumstances and people causing their PSTD, out of their lives, and this action, although the most difficult is more effective than any medication or psychiatric counseling. There are many psychologists that need help themselves, and actually lead very disturbed lives. Psychologists are at the top of the list for suicide statistics. In other words, how can an extremely obese psychologist help other people deal with stress? Unless that psychologist has a medical or hormone problem, eating that much, and having that little physical activity, is due to stress. Likewise, how can a licensed counselor help people when they have a problem with obsession themselves? It is common knowledge that people who works in the psychological field experience problems like this on an average basis. On the other hand, PTSD or mentally sound, everyone can use psychology education to deal with life better. (Schaffer, 2000)

Medical physicians happily write out anti-depressant prescriptions, and in my opinion, anti-depressants are the same caliber as street drugs. Anti-depressants help one to escape the reality of problems, and allow one to be happy regardless of what may be happening in real life. We actually become mentally stronger, and able to cope with the problems we have yet to face when we learn how to deal with the problem we are presented with. Sometimes it is the difficult situations that shape our lives, and personalities. If you are going to go through stages in life, such as being able to handle job promotions, new relationships, or change of residences, there are lessons to be learned, and most of our ability to handle the challenges of good times, are the result of the emotions we learned how to handle through the circumstances we have been through. (Shaffer, 2000)


Many times mental or emotional problems can be handled without psychiatric care or medication. People who are going through a feeling of just wanting to stay quiet, or take a few weeks off of work after a divorce, or other trauma is not suffering mental depression. No matter how great our life is, everyone of us is going to have setbacks and disappointments. However, three or four months later, they may still feel down, but they should be able to function at that time.

Mental depression has become one of the biggest excuses to avoid facing challenges, and this may come childhood days when we learned that playing sick would occasionally get us out of going to school. Many false accusations were made by business owners to get out of lawsuits by the one filing claims against them. The businesses created proof by coaching false witnesses. This same procedure is also used by criminals to get off criminal charges, and the criminals who were being accused of crimes tried to accuse the one making accusations of mental insanity. The man who set a recent fire because he needed the work, due to a bad economy is being tested for PSTD. (Fackleman, 2002). Certainly, this is not normal behavior, but the government is using this to avoid the issue that they are denying people out of a lively hood by keeping this economy down. Keep people out of work much longer and more tragic events like this can be expected.

PTSD is better treated without the use of pharmaceutical medication, in almost all cases. However, the new drug Serzone may be better than most other drugs, because of its decreased risks of side effects. Not one treatment is going to work for everyone. But, I think PTSD treatment should be tried without medication, then as a last resort prescribe medication.




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