Treatment of Bipolar Disorder? Grade Essay

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This is evident from the fact that at the core of the story is a happy married family the main theme of the story revolves around love, playfulness, betrayal and loyalty. At several occasions, it is observable that the writer has gone off from the traditional, old ideas prevalent in society. This is seen from the fact when the writer shows a woman being seduced (Missie May by Slemmons' beauty and wealth) instead of the usual idea of man betraying the woman. On this occasion, the writer has successfully portrayed the message of never judging a book by its cover as seen through the gold coin being worthless. Despite the story's main focus was not racism, but the plot can somehow be used to relate it to the assumptions of the lives of Blacks and Whites. One reference to this is the idea of Blacks being poor as both Joe and Missie May try to earn money but by different means.

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Although, the writer has given a vivid picture of the house, the market and the place where the story is set, the long details of little things make the story a little complex to read and imagine. Also, despite the fact that the dialogues are written in an older more broken version of English which shows the era when the story has been written, it makes it difficult for the reader to grasp the idea at once. Moreover, the writer lays the essence of suspense at several occasions which builds the curiosity in the reader. For this reason, the playfulness and the charisma of the character especially the way Joe explains the glamour of Slemmons' wealth and beauty to his wife, often makes one ponder whether the whole idea behind making Missie May sleep with another man was planted by her own husband. This is evident from the way Joe keeps on talking about Slemmons in the following words, "Yeah, he's up-to-date. He got de finest clothes Ah ever seen on a colored man's back," and "All de women's is crazy 'bout 'im everywhere he go" (Hurston, 10).

Essay on Treatment of Bipolar Disorder? Grade Assignment

Although the story is high on symbolism and imagery, it is simple and vivid which at several occasions has restricted the thoughts giving less space of imagination. In this manner, some parts of the story enable the reader to assume different aspects where the others are presented with clear hints. Thus, the writer has successfully given the message of the difference between reality and appearance as well as love and the greater truths of married life thereby neither depicting a complete fairy tale or a story influenced by magic realism nor incorporating the perfect real image. Hence, this short story is well acknowledged by readers mainly because of its association with the society and the real life of many families.


Hurston Z. The Gilded Six-Bits. Redpath Press. Minneapolis. 1993. 26th December, 2011. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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