Treatment Plan Case Study

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Jasmine Dell

Object Relations Case Study of Jasmine Dell:

A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan

This case is about a 29-year-old woman who is struggling about the situation that she is experiencing in terms of personnel matters. The client is a divorced nail technician that works in a beauty salon that has a 3-year-old son. Coming from a very strict Christian upbringing. Jasmine has some insecurity with pleasing her family or making herself happy after having two unsuccessful relationships with men. Jasmine is now struggling about what has happened to her who affects the way she sees herself as a woman and the way she interacts with other people but particularly men. The client was chosen for the following areas of significance: Her perception to herself and her social behavior. Through a relation model, I will be using the rational emotional behavior therapy theory in my analysis of my work with this client.

Presenting Concerns

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Jasmine portrays herself as miserable after coming out of a failed relationship with her baby's father and then a collapsing relationship with her current boyfriend. Jasmine is starting to feel isolated and undeserving. Jasmine also describes feeling immense irritation with regard to her former boyfriend and then to experience the same resentment with her existing boyfriend. However, Jasmine wants to move on with her life with her second boyfriend and put all the hurt and pain behind her, even after he has emotionally wounded her. She considers that the problematic relations that were produced regularly by absence of interaction between both men in her life. Jasmine acknowledges that she does have enormous obstacle in communicating with different people all through her life and that just lately she has become aware of this. She gives the reports that preceding to these relationships at the age of 29; associations with men had been non-committal and very short lived because of the religious upbringing

Case Study on Treatment Plan Assignment

All through the interview Jasmine exposed that both parents were very religious and controlling and that she was extremely distant and incensed as a little girl. She grew up moving regularly from the households of relations, comprising one of her parents.

Case Conceptualization

Rational emotive behavior therapy is really seen as an effective method that aids individuals determines emotions and behavioral difficulties. It also aids in solving conflicts so as to aid persons live a life that is happy. REBT makes the assumption that individuals get distressed not just because of the difficulties, but furthermore by the assessments that they construct (Harris, 2007). A lot of people put together different viewpoints because of numerous methods. For instance, the opinions stem from language and viewpoints. Clients study how to resolve troubles consuming the a-B-C model. However, the REBT model does request that persons have distinctive reasonable and unreasonable behaviors. The writer of the REBT makes the assumption that individuals do construct emotional problems. They can generate them deliberately or automatically. For instance, persons will continuously generate a sensation of guilt and start putting the blame on them. They will also generate a sentiment of responsibility and depression. Furthermore, individuals produce some manners like circumventing other people and with illustrating from other people. The opinions and emotional state that is being shaped have opposing results on the person. This occurs if the individual generates actions that imitate him harmfully (Harris, 2007).

The conduct that is being displayed by Jasmine can be enlightened exploiting REBT (Murdock, 2008). This is since Jasmine has built some interpretations and conducts that outcome from the outside atmosphere. First, to give a little background history, Jasmine has a strained relationship with her father who is a police officer since he had moved in with her mother from Mexico when she was just a little girl and this made her power over her life and individuality. The lack of closeness with her step father caused her to seek any man as he grew up thus just falling in love with whoever was available. Jasmine had to move to America to live with her mother. She was also not too crazy about the idea as she did not even go to her graduation (Murdock, 2008). Jasmine had gotten upset for the reason that she had to go to school for about another two years and had to leave her friends and she did not attend her graduation. Then after, the occurrence, Jasmine built the sensation that she sought to be autonomous and have the regulation over her own life. After graduating from high school, Jasmine had made the decision that she required to have some individuality and make choices for her. Jasmine thought that this would make her have a happy life as she would control her life. In trying to discover this happiness, she meets the man that would eventually become the father of her child. Therefore, during this time when her family was heartbroken over her decision to date her boyfriend Carlos, Jasmine still thought that she wanted to do what was right for her and stay independent after what had gone on (Murdock, 2008).

Also, Jasmine began developing the feeling that she can do everything for herself without the approval of her family. This is shown by her behavior to pick a boyfriend who chose not to be committed to her after she became pregnant. She refuses to give in and become a single mother without a ring on her finger. To make matters worse, his sudden plunge in to doing drugs even made life for her more hard and confusing. Eventually, this started leading to a more stressful and depressive life. Also, Jasmine is unhappy because she is in a relationship and she actually wants to get married so that she won't shame her family and bring disgrace to herself. All the sensation and principles Danita has are established from the happenings that are taking place throughout her life. They can be contemplated to be unreasonable thought that are developing from the situation (Murdock, 2008).

Jasmine has some thoughts that are irrational. Rendering to Ellis beliefs, emotional conflicts are caused by the environment that is external. Individuals that have hardly any ability to overpower the behaviors that are being produced by the conflicts (Murdock, 2008). Jasmine emotional commotions are produced by the setting. This is for the reason that the external environment influences a lot to her feelings and behavior. For example, she longs to marry her first boyfriend but he rejects her and then by the time she gets another boyfriend he also turns on her by cheating leaving her used and alone (Harris, 2007). This turns her into a depressed woman. Basically, her relationship with both of her boyfriend also produced emotional conflicts. She appreciates her last relationship but feels that after he has cheated on her that she must stay in it in order to please him and possibly keep. Jasmine thinks that none of her current boyfriends have any respect for buy not marrying her or becoming fully committed (Murdock, 2008).

Another belief that is irrational is that individuals should become upset if situations are not getting there way or working out. Jasmine was upset when her father had moved in with her mother because he was working still in another country and also upset when her mother did not go to her graduation. She also thought that her parents were not fair to her because they were really religious and judgmental. The thought then starts leading to challenging deeds like detesting other people and retreating. Jasmine has a slight dislike her father because of what happened and then him being very strict about her life (Murdock, 2008).

Another irrational thought, is the idea of having perfect control over everything. Jasmine desires to have control over her life and make her own decisions partly because of the strict background that she came from. Jasmine does not really believe that she can still maintain happiness by having other people come to her aid. The idea of having perfect control begins leading a person to behaviors that are problematic as the client really does not want to receive reality for what is. For example, Jasmine does not appreciate the strict upbringing or being loved. Also, it appears that she does not really understand when other people try to help her or know when to draw the lines in relationships with other men. She tries avoiding the warning signs that she notices in other people. (Murdock, 2008).

Cognitive therapy also assists in overcoming maladaptive thoughts that are maladaptive. Maladaptive views make someone to have undesirable actions and disposition. For instance, Jasmine believes that people cannot do work flawlessly. That is why she prefers to do the work herself by not seeking help or trusting herself when it comes to relationships in men. Jasmine believes that the men in her life do not notice her enough to respect her wishes (Murdock, 2008).

Maladaptive behavior can be noticeable or not noticeable. For instance, Jasmine has maladaptive behavior as she overburdens herself because… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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