Treatments for PTSD Article Review

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Much is expected to aid the healing process of these patients from the treatment process. Evidently, each patient is handled differently unlike the "Group treatment for PTSD," advanced by Sloan, Bovin and Schnurr (2012). In this regard, each of the patient's psychological and behavioral aspects is handled in details. The treatment has focus on treating the whole person, through treating the different aspects that make up a whole person. This treatment addresses the different symptoms of the disorder in the patient (Sloan, Bovin & Schnurr, 2012).

The article advances that the cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment addresses the crucial symptoms in patients diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder. The authors advance that the established cardinal symptoms of PTSD include hopelessness and depression as shown from the previous empirical research studies. In other words, the effectiveness of a given treatment should address these issues. It is evident that these issues relate to one's mental pattern, as well as, the behavioral lifestyle. Therefore, the patient should be given psychological support in order to overcome the issues (Gilman, Schumm & Chard, 2012).


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From the article, it is evident that there are many treatments for patients diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder. It is also evident that the different treatments have their impacts of the patients. The study has discussed two treatments used to treat this disorder. "Group treatment for PTSD," advanced by Sloan, Bovin and Schnurr (2012) and the "Cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment," advanced in the other two articles. Evidently, the study has identified the need to embrace the cognitive-behavioral treatment as the best treatment for patients suffering with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


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Article Review on Treatments for PTSD Treatment for Assignment

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