Trends Affecting the Nurse as a Patient Educator Research Paper

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¶ … Nurse as a Patient Educator:

In the modern healthcare system, nursing student or staff education and patient education is an issue of significant interest to nurses in all their settings or practice. As a result, teaching or patient education is a major element of the nurse's professional role since it helps the clients to be prepared for self-care management. Moreover, the role of patient education has been regarded as a major aspect of standard care provided by nurses as this role is deeply rooted in the growth and development of this profession. The achievement of positive patient outcomes is partially dependent on patient education that is both patient- and family-oriented. However, there are various healthcare trends that are affecting the role of the professional nurse as a patient educator.

One of the trends that have affected the role of the professional nurse as a patient educator is the expansion to the need for including an interdisciplinary team approach in delivery of patient education. The Joint Commission expanded it expectations to necessitate the need for patients and their families to engage in care and decision making and understand the things they are taught during patient education. This requirement has had a significant impact on patient educations since nurses must consider the educational background, levels of literacy, language skills and the client's culture when providing patient education (Bastable, 2008, p. 6).

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The expansion of the expectations of nurse as an educator by the Joint Commission has mainly affected patient education through the need for these professionals to encourage the participation of patients and their families in the decision-making process about the client's health interventions and treatment procedures. Based on this requirement, nurses are increasingly becoming aware that the health literacy of the patient is an essential skill in patient education and delivery of improved patient outcomes.

Research Paper on Trends Affecting the Nurse as a Patient Educator Assignment

The second trend affecting the role of a professional nurse is the development of patient self-management support. In this case, patient self-management support seeks to identify the most suitable strategies that communities can use to manage their health conditions through leading active and productive lives. As the overall goal of the cross-cutting session, patient self-management support focuses on the establishment of evidence-based self-management programs that incorporate goal setting, shared decision making, symptom management, and problem solving (Adams, Greiner & Corrigan, 2012).

Patient self-management support is described as the systematic delivery f education and supportive health interventions by health professionals to enhance the confidence and skills of patients in managing their health problems. These measures include routine evaluation of progress and problems, problem-solving support, and goal setting. In addition to helping patients undertake necessary tasks to live well, patient self-management support consists of tasks that enable patient's to have confidence in role management, medical management and emotional management of their health conditions.

The development of patient self-management support has affected the role of a nurse as a patient education since nurses not only provide instruction to clients that emphasizes on information and technical skills but to provide means for self-management support for the patient. Consequently, patient education provided by nurses should include the collaborative involvement of the patient in developing goals to manage their health conditions as well as problem-solving skills. Therefore, patient education should incorporate various elements that promote self-management support including evidence-based self-management practices and incorporate the significance of self-management to healthcare practice since it's the key to good patient care.

Third, the emergence of Health it-enabled care has had significant impacts on the role of a professional nurse as a patient educator. Due to the rapid technological advancements, Information Technology is increasingly used to enhance healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Currently, information technology is used in the healthcare field because the modern healthcare system is highly fragmented, usually unsafe, and haphazardly evidence-based. Through Health-it, healthcare… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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