Trends in Pop Culture and the Arts Term Paper

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¶ … Pop Culture and the Arts

There is a great difference in what constitutes 'trends' and 'fads' in that trends are more and run deeper into the society than do fads which are much akin to whims and are passing in nature. However, the trend is something that becomes more deeply rooted into a culture or society because the trends exists because of and for that collective society or for what it provides to that cultural grouping of human beings. The same is true with the hip-hop culture, not only in Philadelphia but throughout the United States and the world.


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The hip-hop culture in the United States cannot be labeled as a 'fad' but instead is a trend because hip-hop extends from within the culture in the United States and as written in the work of Reese (1998) entitled: "From the Fringe: The Hip Hop Culture and Ethnic Relations" the hip-hop culture "has permeated popular culture in an unprecedented fashion." (Reese, 1998) Reese attributes this correctly to "its enormous cross-over appeal" stating that the hip-hop culture "is a potentially great unifier of diverse populations." (Reese, 1998) the hip-hop culture has its own message which it carries into politics, business and other areas of culture and that message is that everyone has something to contribute and that what comprises hip-hop is that the unique contribution of all the individuals comprising this culture that makes hip-hop culture what it is. Reese relates that hip-hop culture has "transcended ethnic boundaries" (1998) and has furthermore carries a message of 'no color lines' and messages of healing. Controversy in gansta rap is used in addressing inequalities in today's society. Reese holds that if "messages of love, peace, anti-racism and human uplift" are those resonating among the hip hop population this population has the opportunity to enormously impact in a positive nature the ethnic relations in today's society.

II. HIP-HOP and Business

TOPIC: Term Paper on Trends in Pop Culture and the Arts Assignment

Hip-hop culture's influence runs as deeps as its young roots into the American society… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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