Research Paper: Triage During a Terrorist Attack

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[. . .] Additionally, bringing victims into a central triage area can equally result in easy targeting for later attacks. This concern has yet to be addressed in modern emergency plans, resulting in the reality that it could pose a potential threat to rescue workers and victims at a later time.

The final concern with regard to triage is organizing transport to the nearby hospitals. It is standard protocol that emergency vehicles take victims to the closest hospitals, often resulting in an overwhelming wave of patience and a very long wait for walking wounded (CDC). Current protocol by the National Terrorist Response website and the CDC is actually to recognize this problem and instruct any walking wounded with a means of transportation to move away from the area and seek medical assistance at a farther away hospital, thus ensuring faster review times and less stress on the hospital staff at the immediate hospital sites.

Large-scale terrorist attacks are a reality of conflict with other countries and something that will not likely end anytime soon. Since the 9/11 incident, the United States has learned much about prioritizing victims through sophisticated triage techniques. Hopefully with more time and continued review of procedures, the safety of both victims and rescue workers will be organized into a method that ensures the most lives are consistently saved.


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