Triangulation in Decision-Making and the Workplace Essay

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Triangulation in Decision-Making and the Workplace

Triangulation in the workplace often occurs when a member of the office enacts behavior that allows them to be not only the source of an emerging internal problem within the working environment while simultaneously being able to view its unfolding as an apparently uninvolved observer (Lyons, 2011, p.1). In a situation involving triangulation, the chain of communication is often as follows: colleague A talks to manager B, manager B. talks to client C, client C. also talks to colleague A, but the three never speak together in the same room or in the context of the same conversation. In this manner, a "triangle" of communication is enacted, but rather than solving the problem that is often the source of the triangulation, the problem often continues to escalate, involving individuals unrelated to the issue at hand, and such a force within a working environment can be catastrophic. As triangulation involves the manipulating of individuals rather than clear communication, managers must understand the complexities of triangulation in the workplace and enact decisions to counter-attack its presence.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Triangulation in Decision-Making and the Workplace Triangulation Assignment

Triangulation within the workplace offers individuals who encounter it to make the decision to take part in the process or end it right there. For example, a manager, having listened to information that is being triangulated to them has the ability to become the third corner of the triangle in agreeing to solve the issue at hand, thereby taking responsibility and acting in a manner that should have been completed by the first individual initiating the triangulation to begin with. Alternatively, the same manager can, in their decision-making regarding the handling of the situation, assert the responsibility back to the initial individual triangulating the information. For instance, employee A finds an accounting error that they are aware was created by Employee B. Employee A, rather than discussing the error with Employee B, decides to pose a question to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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