Tricare Prime and Military Health Personnel Term Paper

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TRICARE Prime and Military Health Personnel

This paper analyzes TRICARE, a health system and management activity that enables management and other key providers especially those working in the military health system with a single source they can use to gather and collect information on and provide information to healthcare providers and plans and participants. This universal health management system is useful for healthcare practitioners in the military and in public or private practice to implement policies includes those related to the administration of vaccines, provisions for dental services, changes in compensation for future fiscal periods and more. The TRICARE program operates using contractors located throughout the world providing services including general healthcare services to active duty members and their families.

The Military Health System uses TRICARE via the U.S. Department of Defense to post updates to policies including changes to health policies, and medical and dental officer pay plans during various fiscal years (MHS, 2007). One may consider TRICARE an "enterprise resource system" or a system that enables all members of an entity or organization to gather and analyze information in a single location for review and commentary. This information may be gathered and disseminated online or through proprietary systems at hospitals, health facilities, officer's offices and more (MHS, 2007).

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TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) formally defined is a family health plan (TMA, 2007) offering military personnel networks of "community-based, not-for-profit" healthcare systems and organizations in six regions throughout the United States (TMA, 2007). Each system or region provides its own services and governs a specific regional or geographical area, such a the Brighton Marine Health Center, which incorporates and serves parts of the Northern New England states including Connecticut, New Hampshire (southern), and Rhode Island (TMA, 2007).

Term Paper on Tricare Prime and Military Health Personnel This Assignment

Like many healthcare services, the Department of Defense's plan, which is a worldwide health access program for service members working in uniform and their families, offers "managed care" options referred to as "prime service areas" which are healthcare entities located near military bases or service points allowing for ease of access for healthcare participants in the military and their families (TMA, 2007). Military personnel have the option of joining the TRICARE Prime system, the primary managed care plan offered by the U.S. Dept. Of Defense. In doing so, much like any ordinary HMO, the member will have TRICARE Prime assign them a managed care officer or primary care manager (physician) who is responsible for referring participants when necessary to specialists working within the TRICARE system or network for care the primary specialist is not able to provide as a stand-alone service (TMA, 2007).

One of the advantages of TRICARE for plan participants including military personnel and their families is the managed care program allows individuals to seek quality medical without paying much in the way of deductibles or "out-of-pocket" expenses, something that typically prevents people from receiving the care they need in ordinary managed care plans (TMA, 2007). Despite some of the advantages of the managed care or Prime Program, many officials or personnel elect the POS or "point of service" option, which allows them greater flexibility or the ability to choose the physicians they would like to see, even allowing for some specialist care in many cases without a referral (TMA, 2007). However, personnel and family members using this POS service will have more out-of-pocket expenses, because they may work with providers that are not members of the network and thus, do not have to agree to "standard" charges as is the case with the managed care plan (TMA, 2007; MHS, 2007).

Within the primary or "prime" TRICARE option are several sub-sections. For examples, members that serve the military stationed throughout the world can access healthcare if they select the PRIME option; this I beneficial especially incases where active duty service men or women require immediate healthcare. The managed healthcare program abroad is very similar to the one used in the State's, meaning an active duty service member will have to use a primary case manager or physician to direct healthcare services. Another service plan that is a subsection of the TRICARE Prime basic function is the "TRICARE Prime Remote" or TPR option. This option provides service personnel that are active duty members working more than 50 miles from the military center they are assigned to and work at the ability to take advantage of options and services under the managed care or prime program as long as they live within an area the government has designated as a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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