Tuition Assistance Cutback Response Military Research Paper

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What might be the cost to Joe the taxpayer under the GI Bill? In excess of $90,000 (Sisk, Mar 05, 2013).

One must also keep in mind that our second Marine might be the exclusion among current beneficiaries of the GI Bill. Information from the Veterans Administration and the Labor Department point toward one-in-five leaving service members turn out to be full-time students. However under 8% continue in school long enough to conclude their degree. In actual fact, the one-year failure charge among veterans studying as full-time students is well above 70% (Patton, et al. April 5, 2013). Therefore, a lot of the $18 billion presently budgeted for the GI Bill is going to waste.

Although there is an enormous lack of enthusiasm to slash that program, seeing that the GI Bill's storied standing in American History. However, that looks over a few inopportune facts; mainly, the amount of veterans who made use of their benefits under preceding versions of the GI Bill was comparatively small; vets who went to college were driven about their studies and mostly committed to completing their academic course (Gore, March 12, 2013). However, present day servicemen have been informed that college is the single option for those who want to achieve something and many have been wronged by commercial schools that see students as an instrument for enhancing share-holder worth, or public universities that are not ready and badly equipped for the veterans who are coming into their classroom.

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That is one reason that tuition assistance ought to be increased, not cut. Think again of the above mentioned case study example of the U.S. Marine, the branch that has in the past stressed the importance of off-duty education for workers of all ranks. Presently, in excess of 45% of his higher non-commissioned officers have as a minimum an associate's degree; approximately 30% possess a bachelor's degree and eight percent have their master's (Gura, March 11, 2013). Practically all of those degrees were finished through chosen education, making use of tuition assistance. The advantage to the Marines -- and the rest of the military -- is almost immeasurable.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Tuition Assistance Cutback Response Military Assignment


While spending cuts in present fiscal times are necessary, the Tuition Assistance program gave thousands of young men and women who more often than not might not have been able to financially pay for college to finish their higher education. At a period in time when jobs are hard to find, education, combined with job training, is extremely important for young Americans. Consequently, this entirely monetary decision is obviously not the correct societal one.

Despite the fact that the assurance to pay for hundreds of thousands of people's education is a huge obligation, it is important that Joe the taxpayers' dollars in this way, delivers a lot of good for this nation. The men and women in the Military and all its branches defend our country's unparalleled freedoms with their own life, while remaining cut off from their family, and in unbelievably demanding conditions (Gura, March 11, 2013) frequently coming back with post-traumatic stress disorder. The smallest contribution this nation can do is to give our courageous soldiers a complimentary higher education and a possibility to live the normal life like any other American living in the nation, just like they deserve.

This judgment to cut the Tuition Assistance program has by now affected more than 150,000 soldiers, and will without doubt have an effect on thousands more if not reversed. Furthermore, recruitment numbers are in no doubt to drop with no the incentive of a government funded education.


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Sisk, Richard. Marines Halt Tuition Assistance Program. Mar 05, 2013

Gore, Leada. Air Force, Coast Guard are latest service branches to end… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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