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Turkey is one of the most important countries from the European horizon. However, its borders strech at the level of Asia and Africa as well. Given its geostrategic position and its human potential, Turkey is today an essential player on the international scene. From this point-of-view, the internal affairs of the state are relevant subjects for debate worldwide. One such subject is related to the internal struggles with the PKK, or the Kurdish Working Party. Thus the Turkish state and the PKK have fought a series of important political and military battles and are representative for the Turkish politics. In the context of EU accession, the issue of the PKK as well as the Kurdish problem are essential for the reactions of the EU countries.

In the late 70s, the PKK was formed as a result of the contant discriminatory treatment of the Kurdish minority especially in the East and South. At this moment, it is considered that the Ankara government has a different policy towards the Kurdish groups around Turkey which prevents a positive political, economic, and social view on the Kurdish population. This in turn has determined retailatory actions from the PKK, the largest and most important Kurdish party in Turkey.

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Today, the PKK represents an even greater danger for Turkey because it sets in question the country's actual possiblities of accession to the EU and its valuable role as a NATO member. The most important demand the group has is related to the creation of an independent, sovereign Kurdish state in the south east of Turkey, with full rights as state. Turkey however denies any possiblity of this taking place. Moreover, the relations Kurds have over the border in Iraw only deepens the problems the PKK pose to the Turkish state. In this sense, at the moment, the PKK is considered to be a terrorist organization (BBC, 2008).

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This is not an issue to change over night particularly because the PKK has embraced a violent and distructive policy towards… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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