Turning Point in American History Essay

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The colonists' revolt was heightened by civil unrest as people took the law into their hands, and riots broke out in many colonial cities. They stopped buying English goods in opposition to the Acts while the group Sons of Liberty terrorized stamp agents. The repulsion by colonists to the Stamp Act led to the Declaratory Act in 1766, which asserted the authority of the parliament on the colonies. The Sons of Liberty were the beginning of the revolution, that saw the need of keeping the revolution spirit alive by colonists through talk and writings, which they circulated in the form of books, pamphlets and leaflets. This led to the first organized colonial meeting in September 1774, at First Continental Congress. This marked the beginning of an organized revolution not only as a response to the policies but for independence from British rule and control, to self-government.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Turning Point in American History Assignment

The first revolutionary war for independence arose from the decisions made by the First Continental Congress, which gave American farmers the morale to oppose the British in Lexington and Concord. The move from protest to fight for independence is clearly seen when First Continental Congress, rejected the proposal that a colonial union should be under British authority. The second policy that conceded that the colonial parliament had a right to control trade and repeal from earlier Legislations set forth by the British, as drove the desire for self-government. Moreover, this protest to independence is said to have been driven by the desire of the colonists to form their own military to defend their land from possible attacks by the British. Therefore, it is evident that the tight regulations and continued oppression by the British led to the rise of a resistance in settlers that was the rise to a desire for self-government, and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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