NBA GM Masai Ujiri, Toronto Raptors Interview

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What do you feel it has meant for other players and for the continent of Africa in general?

NBA Africa


  1. The NBA is one of the most treasured and respected professional sports organizations in the world. What are your thoughts on the NBA’s footprint in Africa, the objectives of the NBA there and some of the key factors that will determine its success in Africa?
  2. NBA Africa Vice President Amidou Fall identified you as an example of someone from Africa who never played an NBA minute but who has found success in the NBA as a leader. Why is it important to teach youths in Africa about what it means to be successful and what do you see as the catalyst for NBA Africa’s success?



  1. Let’s move in a little closer now and get to know you as a person beyond the fancy titles and career successes. Let’s talk about your childhood. Can you describe growing up in Zaria, Nigeria and what lasting impact that has had on you?
  2. You have a Nigerian father, who is a professional nurse, and a Kenyan mother, who is a professional doctor—and though you were born in England your heart is clearly in Africa, if we are to judge by your actions. Tell us, how did your parents and their backgrounds influence you?
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  4. You have a wonderful wife Ramatu, a fashion model who has given you two lovely children. Clearly you have tremendous respect for women. Can you discuss the important role that women like your mother and your wife have played in your life and what women’s empowerment means to you?



    Interview on NBA GM Masai Ujiri, Toronto Raptors Assignment

  1. Let’s discuss your worldview for a bit if we might. Do you consider yourself a religious or spiritually grounded person, and what are some of the guiding principles in your life that you cherish and try to live by day after day, week after week, year after year?
  2. Some people go through life and develop their own personal philosophy based on their own experiences, their own eye-opening moments. Others adopt a philosophy that they read about or learn about and come to admire and believe in. What has been your approach to philosophy how has that affected your outlook on life?
  3. Having achieved so much already, and turning 50 years of age next year, do you think much about the future and what it might hold—for you, for your loved ones, for Africa, or even for the world? What do you see coming down the road?
  4. Obviously the 2019 NBA Championship has meant a lot for Toronto and for the players on that team—and perhaps more for Drake than for anyone—but what did it mean for you personally? Did you feel a sense of personal validation or pride?
  5. You have a relationship with President Obama and President Kagame—relationships that others can really only ever dream of having. What is that like for you and why would you say it is important to foster good relationships with other leaders



  1. Finally, let’s bring it all back to Nigeria—a country we all love dearly. Why come back to Nigeria after the championship? What do you hope to achieve here that you have not achieved elsewhere?
  2. One final question: Having been at the top of the world as the GM of the World Champion Toronto Raptors, how does that experience… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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