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In order to do this, I will need to learn about historical applications of architecture, the building materials most often employed, and to study the plans and budgets of major development projects.

With computer-aided drafting, I can also combine my affinity with digital media with my passion for architecture. I also intend to learn traditional drafting, which I have always found fascinating. However, computer-aided drafting can help the designer visualize in three-dimensional space, allowing for all sorts of variables that are difficult to envision when working with pencil and paper. For example, with computers, an architect can input geographical and climate variables that might affect the structure or materials used in a building. If an architect has a contract that calls for extensive creative input, the computer can be a valuable time-saving devise used to quickly experiment with novel design ideas.

A also hope to learn a lot about architecture as a business, including the relationship between designers and the construction industry; architects and real estate developers; and architects and city planners. This will be practical information that I can use to develop my career.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Ultimate Syntheses of Art and Assignment

3. The philosopher Goethe once said, "Science and art belong to the whole world, and before them vanish the barriers of nationality." This quote directly relates to my vision of architecture as an artistic endeavor and inspires my ideals in the field. I believe that both art and architecture, like music, are universal languages. People from all over the world, whatever language they speak, can appreciate the nuances and uniqueness of the art and architecture of other cultures. While we might have certain predilections for specific architectural styles, it is still easy to appreciate the genius in all sorts of culture-or time-specific constructions. For instance, the pyramids of Egypt will never be duplicated on that scale in modern times but they continue to amaze people.

Because architecture is both science and art, Goethe's words ring especially true for someone interested in that field of study. Science and art do belong to the whole world because they do not require any translation. The principles of good building design are executed no matter what the specific style; likewise, engineering facts are rules of scientific law, not of opinion.

This quote also reflects on my personal character because I am always trying to find ways to bridge differences between people. In the face of so much racism and prejudice, it is important to remember the fundamental human principles that unite us. Often these principles are contentious, as with philosophy or religion. However, architecture is one means by which human beings can communicate in a universal language. Architecture is inevitable because the need for shelter is as basic as the need for clothing; as such architecture belongs to the whole world and helps people to erase the "barriers of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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