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" (University of Massachusetts)

Physical Structures

The budget also shows that the second priority for the university should be immediate attention to the deteriorated complement of buildings and facilities. "Some structures are simply closed because they are unsafe and unusable, others operate only with temporary occupancy permits; many buildings no longer serve the purposes for which they were designed, especially in the sciences, and others are in such poor condition they probably do not merit renovation and improvement." (University of Massachusetts) The current condition of many of the buildings may not survive a five-year forecast and therefore must find additional funding for restoration and reconstruction projects.

In addition, it will be very difficult to meet the five-year objective of recruiting out of state students if the school's residence halls are marginal, the recreation facilities are in poor repair, and the intercollegiate athletic facilities are need of vast amounts of repairs. The problems even migrate unto campus roads and streets.

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Term Paper on Umass Core Analysis - Umass Assignment

The University of Massachusetts Amherst budget is a compellation of three years actual performance and a five-year forecast into the future. The budget shows that State funding for UMass-Amherst has fallen nearly thirty percent over the past three years and students are paying more annually. The budget takes into consideration the income from projected student related revenues which include housing, The University subsidizes the University with funding but not enough to be considered full support. The states allocations provide the school an opportunity to provide reduced rates compared with other Northeastern academic institutions. The state's ability to contribute to the institution has been on the decline. Federal funding once taken for granted has been cut so each state now must meet its obligations with less money in its coffers. "At the present time, state funding does not cover the full cost of staff and instructional employee salaries, let alone the budget for operations and maintenance of the campus. As a proportion of the university's total all-funds budget, the state's contribution for the year 2004 is projected to be about 25%." (University of Massachusetts)

The University provides research for external governmental and private organizations of which the University forecasts an increase of five percent annually with a hope that the state can provide fund matching. In addition, the school competes on a national basis for research grants. "Consequently, because the projections presented here show no growth in state support for research to the Amherst campus, the growth of external funding will also be restrained to no more than 5% a year." (University of Massachusetts)

FY05 House Higher Education Budget)


First of all, the academic presence is key to providing the services that the students require. The Number on priority for UMass-Amherst is to recruit and maintain the best teaching staff possible. Secondly, the administration must then extend itself by getting the necessary state approval to borrow the funds, an estimated $40 million to repair its building infrastructure. The combination of great teachers and structurally sound buildings will help all other aspects of enrollment and grant acquisition. Then, and only then, can the school increase private donations and research grants and increase out of state recruitment efforts all the while maintaining the in state enrollment.


This report is a critical analysis of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst budget. The intention of the report is to make Recommendations in the university's resource allocations in order to improve spending tendencies in order to improve the quality of services provided to the students and the immediate community. The analysis includes several considerations. For example, the budget, a comparison of the schools other institutions and the services they provide to the community. Another objective of this report will be to provide a definition of quality in order to evaluate if the University of Massachusetts at Amherst is providing quality service

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