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[. . .] (Giuliucci, 2001, ?A matter of dignity?) As someone who spent seven years working on yet another novel that further challenged her health abilities, it is no wonder Hillenbrand found herself attracted to Louis Zamperini's life. After suffering tremendous hardship as a POW prisoner during the second war, Louie persevered and battled with aftermath haunting that is today commonly recognized as post traumatic stress disorder. There are many literary accounts that reveal how soldiers and military operators dealt and perhaps some continue to do so with recurring thoughts following the war. For the majority, what Hillenbrand referred to as having to gird for each and every day is a fact and a necessity, as Louie also experienced. This is why the book offers a translucent tribute to one man's defiance and determination to survive. This is a story that not just war heroes and those less famous soldiers can relate to but indeed one that dwells on the human's spirit strength which, when all effort is put for survival, beams radiance and motivates. While certain parts in the book are more difficult to digest like the description of POW camps and others may test one's patience due to detailed expository similar to recounting small pieces of data in regards to Louis Zamperini's running career, the book is sure not to betray the readers with unrealistic descriptions. Where the lack of insights prevails, Hillenbrand makes up for in powerful contrast of literary characteristics. And her words about the story condense its topic: The thing that this story offers is an example of how far a resilient will carry you…and that's the thing that is resonating with people -- they feel strengthened by knowing this story.

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