Essay: Unconscious Mind

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Unconscious Mind

In Defense of the Unconscious Mind

Before attempting to enter the discussion regarding whether or not there is an unconscious mind, one must first define one's own understanding of that concept. If the unconscious mind is something akin to Freud's ego, then it is a mixture of long-term thought processes and conscious. Our unconscious mind silently reminds us of our responsibilities and long-term goals. Unlike the conscious mind, which can be a hotbed of activity and impulses, the unconscious mind is steady, keeping pace, and defining our actions.

Thus, I believe in an unconscious mind as a regulator. Without one, I am convinced that humans would be too impulsive in their decisions. Most of us do not analyze and process information in our conscious minds. Instead, we leave that task up to the unconscious mind, which often provides us with hints as to the outcomes of these deliberations when they are most needed. When we… [END OF PREVIEW]

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