Understanding Psychotherapy and Its Benefits Chapter

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Psychodynamic-Interpersonal Theories are beneficial the field of psychology. Individuals who perceive psychodynamic therapy to be a good fit have floated various factors in support. The discipline seeks to address root causes of psychological complications as compared to CBT. In the end, the advantages include broader-based utilization and longer lasting curative measures. Psychodynamic therapy is one of the good ways of addressing psychosomatic conditions, personality patterns, and general distress or tendencies of repeated difficulties in an individual's work and relationship (Trimboli & Farr, 2000).

The scope of movement into the integration focus is addressed in distinct levels of psychotherapy taking place for decades. However, psychotherapy integration is a traditional way of hampering rivalry and competition in the health sector. The rivalry is traced as far back as the differences arising medical disciplines (Maniacci, 2002). The appropriate frameworks, in this case, allow for the conceptualization of clients problems. The psychoanalysis of application also benefits the various theories created in individual psychology. Therapists claim to have found the best treatment approaches designed to address the challenges of the other therapy systems. Behaviorism has been introduced into the fields of psychoanalysis and behaviorism.

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However, there are some cons to Psychodynamic-Interpersonal Theories. Even as psychodynamic therapy is brief, it tends to take more time as compared to CBT. Most people do not perceive psychodynamic therapy to be an appropriate treatment approach. They consider it difficult as it causes variances in accepting the factors away from the awareness influencing the different levels of behaviors and thoughts. Others have been reluctant to address the distinct levels of childhood and relationships that develop along therapy (Trimboli & Farr, 2000). Psychodynamic therapy is also minimally less structured as compared to CBT hence the preference for a more directive and focused approach to CBT.

Chapter on Understanding Psychotherapy and Its Benefits Assignment

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