Term Paper: Unemployment and Crime Rates in New York City

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Unemployment and Crime Rates

Safety and income opportunity are two of the most important factors that affect the overall status of one country, city or state. As for safety, the crime rate will be the determinant while the employment or unemployment rate will be the determinant for income opportunities. But beyond this, unemployment rate and crime rate also provide a strong impact to each other.

This paper is aimed at analyzing the effects of New York City's unemployment and crime rate. Specifically, this paper is intended for:

Highlight the recent statistics related to crime and unemployment rate of New York City

Study the impact of crime rate to the unemployment rate of the city and vice versa

It is hypothesized that as the unemployment rate increases, the crime rate of New York City also increases.

Relationship of Crime and Unemployment Rate

In a recent study conducted analyzing the relationship of unemployment rate to the top safest cities in the United and compared to the relationship of unemployment rate to the top most dangerous cities in the U.S. Seeing table below:

10 Safest Cities



2005 Unemployment Rate

San Jose, CA

El Paso, TX

Honolulu, HI

New York, NY

Austin, TX

San Diego, CA

Louisville, KY

San Antonio, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Jacksonville, FL

10 Most Dangerous Cities



2005 Unemployment Rate

Detroit, MI

Baltimore, MD

Washington, DC

Memphis, TN

Dallas, TX

Philadelphia, PA

Columbus, OH

Nashville, TN

Houston, TX

Charlotte, NC

Source: Morgan Quitno Press and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It can be easily reflected that the unemployment rate in the safer cites are much lower than the unemployment rate in the dangerous cities. These dangerous cities are classified as those with higher instances of crime and other violent activities.

Crime Rate of NYC

From the reports presented by both the NYPD and the FBI, crime rate in New York City is unexpectedly decreasing since the new millennium came (New York Beacon, 2004). In fact, when looking closely at each of the highly known crime that can be committed, such as homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated types of assault, violent crimes, burglary property crimes and the like, there really is a significant decline from the year 1990 to 2002… [END OF PREVIEW]

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