Union Management Relations Essay

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¶ … AFL-CIO's website stresses the union's history of defending the rights of all workers, including the right to fairly-paid jobs and benefits. It provides a simple list of what workers should do if they are subject to illegal forms of sexual, racial, or other types of harassment. The union clearly has a political platform, as it advocates the extension of unemployment benefits to workers, investing in the nation's infrastructure to expand jobs, and increasing aid to states to provide vital services to the unemployed. Potentially less popular aspects of the union's position, such as an emphasis on protectionism and not hiring foreign workers or outsourcing (which can increase labor costs and thus the price of goods) are articulated on the website, but are not prominently displayed.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Union Management Relations Assignment

The website addresses the populist anger many Americans felt in the wake of the Wall Street 'bailout,' stressing that if Wall Street received a bailout, then so should ordinary Americans. Putting the 'TARP' money to work for Americans on Main Street who need help with their mortgages is another prominent theme of the website's agenda. The website stresses the need to put workers to work on projects that 'need' to be done, the need for government to bolster the strength of American manufacturing, and the need for government intervention to help generate new jobs. These aspects of the union's platform tend to support the Democratic agenda in Congress, but from a perspective of labor rights rather than in terms of other social issues. There is little discussion of other areas of potential growth within the American economy, such as in the technology sector or amongst professional occupations (including healthcare). While improving American education is mentioned, it is only done so tangentially in terms of sustaining public school teacher's salaries in the wake of budget cuts, and there is little stress upon improving the quality of education of Americans by increasing access to higher education, which could potentially alienate the AFL-CIO's blue collar, largely older base of core supporters who wish to remain in their current jobs, at their current pay… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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