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In the year to follow the British minister decided to send an army in every colony to defeat the revolt. Generals Carleton and Burgoyne commanded the northern army which arrived in St. Lawrence. Their objective was to chase all the colonists in Canada. In the South, the British army was commanded by Generals Clinton and Cornwallis. Their army was defeated in the Charleston, but their commanders managed to escape and joined the main British army. The main army in New York had was commanded by General William Howe. It tried to negotiate with the colonists, but by that time the Americans decided that they want to be independent. "Howe defeated Washington's army on Long Island in August, and captured New York City in September, and pursued Washington's disintegrating army as it fled across New Jersey in November and December." (Stephen Conway, page 4) In the meantime, General Clinton successful conquered Newport from Rhode Island.

Although England was celebrating the defeat, Washington did not give up the fight and in 1777 he defeated a British army in Princeton. Germain decided to reapply the plan of 1776 campaigns. New England was seen by the British as the main location for the American resistance. In this new campaign England chase to suppress this region, thinking that like this the rebellion will end.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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In 1777, Howe decided that to defeat Washington is more important than to help General Burgoyne. He took the main British army, leaving Clinton with almost no defense to go forward to Hudson Valley. Although Howe won the battle at Brandywine Creek, and conquered Philadelphia Burgoyne was defeated by Americans, and he admitted defeat at Saratoga on October 17. This victory gave Americans the trust they needed to go forward and win the war. Also, it brought the French to the colonists' side. One year after France joined the colonists' side, Spanish signed an alliance with the Americans. With the French interfering, the British government was obliged to send its armies to defend the Caribbean colonies. In 1780 the British army conquered Charleston and made peace with the south. But they were soon obliged to march towards north, due to the differences between the Loyalists and Patriots. In the North Washington's army was expecting them and as a result the British needed to surrender.

The Declaration of Independence was signed on 4th July 1776 although the war was not finished. The act was authorized by all the colonies and marked "the beginning of American independence." (America's Fight for Independence) In 1778 France and the United States signed the Treaty of Alliance and of Amity and Commerce. Through this act France recognized the independence and granted the United States a privileged status in trade. "France renounced claims to Canada but not Newfoundland and guaranteed American Liberty, sovereignty, and independence forever. France appeared to gain little except the opportunity to undermine Britain in Europe and the world." (Dr. Ian Barnes, Charles Royster, page 102)


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