United States of America Initially Term Paper

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When Washington left the post as President he urged his fellow countrymen to remain free from any other country, to prevent any influential rise of any political parties that could ruin all that the American people had fought and died for, the run of isolationism continued for many years until America was strong enough to defeat any country that attempted to have an influence upon its affairs (Cole, 1991)

Furthermore they withdrew from any political arena in the official capacity, it must be remembered that American Privateers still helped the French during the Peninsula Wars with Great Britain (Cole, 1991)

When the United States of America decided to take on an Isolationist role they took it upon themselves to step out of the world, they took a non-involvement attitude towards all affairs that concerned the Old world of Europe, its wars and petty entanglements. (Cole, 1991)

The United States felt that their interests as seen above were to remain at home to look after themselves and remain in many ways aloof from the children of Europe, this view they believed would lead them to freedom and a true democratic stance that would be seen to through peaceful means rather than the abject force of militaristic involvement (Cole, 1991)

It is seen that America became isolationists after the revolution yet it is clear that this view was clearly a part of their life when the old settlers came to the New world (Cole, 1991)


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Anonymous (2002) The American Revolution[online] accessed at http://ragz-international.com/american_revolution.htm

Term Paper on United States of America Initially Assignment

Cole W.S. (1991) My History is America's History…
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